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Oh, the things this kid says

I was driving the other day, and had accelerated so I could change lanes without cutting another driver off. From the backseat I hear, “Mama! Slow DOWN!”


I’m getting a new bicycle! This weekend we were at one bike shop looking at them, and left to go to another bike shop that was across the parking lot. I decided to walk with O, and told him we were going to go look at more bikes across the parking lot. So as we’re walking through the parking lot he’s jabbering, “Mo’ bike! Cars backing up!” Suddenly he stops and tries to pull me back in the direction we came from, “Bikes THIS way!” “No, dude, bikes are this way, through the parking lot. Come on, we have to go, daddy drove the car, we have to go find him.” He stands still for a minute and says, “(something I couldn’t make out but will assume it was “are you”) kidding me mama?” I looked at him and said, “No, I’m not kidding you. Let’s get moving!”


He cracks me up. Every.single.day.

He’ll be two on Sunday, and to be perfectly honest, I’m amazed. He amazes me. All the time.



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Sewing table for the win!

I’m sewing again! My sewing machine got itself a new, permanent home!

For the last 5 years (since I got it, actually) my sewing machine has lived on the floor in the corner of various dining rooms. There was so much involved in using it that it only got pulled out for special projects. All the setting up and taking down each day was a big pain in the ass. And if there’s nothing else that I know about myself, it’s that if things require a great deal of extra effort, there’s a good chance I’ll lose interest.

That’s all changed because I got a real sewing table for my birthday a few months ago! Squeeee! (The mister actually got it – found it, picked it out (with some help), purchased it, and assembled it.) I’m so happy I could cry.

Now, instead of seeing this every day,

I go down to the basement and see this.

(Ignore the ugly, partially painted concrete floor. Ugh. We have no idea what we’re going to do with the floor down there since we had to pull up the carpet after the basement flooded in March. Linoleum? Resurface and polish for sort of a neo-industrial look? Big rug so you just can’t see it? It’s ugly and dingy and I hate it. But I’m super anxious about making a decision about what else to do. Because, what if it’s ugly? (You see the irony there, no? I mean, it’s awful now, linoleum isn’t going to make it worse.) Okay. So anyway, ignore the floor. Imagine it’s gorgeous 200 year old reclaimed hardwood. (Hey! I can dream, right?))

It’s so much more functional than hauling the machine up on to the table, which also was used for cutting, and ironing, and piecing, and eating… This way I have all the stuff I need near me (assuming I get said stuff into the drawers), I can leave my iron on and swivel to use it on the ironing board as needed. I can leave the machine up and ready to go at a moments notice! Or I can tuck it inside the cabinet (there’s a hydraulic lift that raises and lowers the machine), close it up, and hide it all.

So I bought some fabric!


I didn’t need fabric. I have 3 other projects that I have fabric for that I need to get done. But I fell in love with it, so there you go.

If you need me, I’ll be down in the sewing cave creating fabric masterpieces.

(And if you have brilliant suggestions for the floor, I’d be ever so grateful if you left them in the comments.)


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Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a badass.

She’s been chosen to succeed Tim Kaine (D-VA) as the Democratic National Committee Chairperson.

According to Politco,

“the final choice came down to Wasserman Schultz and former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland. …Wasserman Schultz was chosen to head off the possibility of a revolt by the party’s base over abortion issues: Wasserman Schultz is a strong supporter of abortion rights, whereas Strickland’s record on the issue is mixed.”

To which I reply – THANK MAUDE.

Hopefully she will bring the party back to standing strong on the women’s rights issues.

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A job! And daycare! And napping!

Oh, I’m so excited to be doing paid work again! [insert happy dance here]


I mentioned a few blogs ago that a 4hr/week job I had would be moving into a 20hr/wk job in February. It’s not a glamorous job, and it’s not one I ever dreamed about having, but it’s good money for the time spent, and it’s something I’M GOOD AT. I’m one of those people that needs external validation, and the easiest way for me to get it is with a paycheck, so this is THE BOMB. I’m going to handle the billing and administrative responsibilities for a medical practice. But the doctors in the practice see patients exclusively in nursing homes, so they don’t have a traditional office, so I get to work from home, or at one of the doctors’ “office condo.”


Anyway, I don’t officially assume all responsibilities until February 1, but I’ve been doing a lot of auditing in preparation for taking over, so I’ve been working more the last week or so.


But that wasn’t supposed to be the point of this blog. The point of this blog was to say that today was O’s first full day at daycare (he’s been going for two mornings a week for several months). I was nervous that he wouldn’t nap, and we’re supposed to go out to dinner with the hubs’ boss tonight, so all morning I was having anxiety about O being a terror at dinner, and thinking I should just go get him so he could come home and nap (Hubs is only sometimes successful at getting O down if I’m not home, since I usually nurse him down) when I got a text from his daycare with a picture of him sleeping soundly on a cot. ON A COT!!! Not even in a crib. HOLY CRAP, what did they do with my child?!?!? The accompanying text, “He went down like a dream, no problem at all.”




This is amazing. I’m in awe of the nap skillz our provider has. I’m thinking about hiring her away and making her O’s nanny. We have days when even *I* can’t get him down…this is BRILLIANT.


(And I know that it might not be like this all the time, and that today could have just been an overload for him so he conked out as a coping mechanism, but I’ll take it, and live with my enjoyment until then.)


In other news:
Time for an easel.
That’s the refrigerator. I think it’s time for an easel.



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Back when we had cable…

…we were big fans of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Guy Fieri is ridiculously funny (soo much better on DD&D than he is on Minute to Win It), the places the show profiled always resulted in us sitting on the couch saying to each other, “We totally have to go there!” There wasn’t often near us geographically, so we also spent a lot of time saying, “We should plan a trip so we can eat that food!” (Umm…I should disclose here that we like to experience good food. Experience good food? That sounds pretentious. But I think it sounds better than “We like to eat! NOM NOM NOM.” Anyway….)

And then! One day a place I had grown up eating at was on the show. NO WAY. Yes way!


Falafel’s Drive-In – it’s not glamorous, or cozy, heck, there aren’t even tables inside. There are two walk-up windows, and for the longest time all they served were falafel. (The menu has expanded in the last 10 years to include burgers, etc. – I have no idea why you wouldn’t get falafel…maybe you’re suffering from a head injury and can’t make good decisions. Or it’s possible that you don’t like falafel. You should try these falafel though…they’re the best you’ll ever have. For realz.)


I, of course, failed to take a pictures of the actual food (good thing I’m not a food blogger!), but you can watch Guy Fieri show you how they’re made instead. (He’s way better at showing you this stuff than I am.) And if you’re ever in San Jose, California – go get you some falafel!

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Wordless Wednesday – beach edition

I’m trying really hard to get back into the swing of things. 🙂






Summer lovin…

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No menu Monday.

It’s very avant garde, don’t you think?

Okay, so I thought having Menu Plan Monday would be great for me. It would be a place for me to put our menu (duh!) but also a place to talk about the food we eat. Turns out, I don’t want to talk about the food after it’s been posted as a menu.

So I’m going to try posting about what we eat after we eat it. Novel, no? This way I can talk about what we eat, how we modified it, what we ate with it, whether we’ll eat it again…the sorts of things that are useful when considering whether or not to make and eat something.

I’m going to start with a recipe that has become my absolute favorite chicken and guacamole tostadas. Seriously ya’ll, we’ve had these once a week for the last month. They’re THAT good.

The recipe is incredibly basic – some tostadas, guacamole, shredded chicken and pico de gallo. Layer it all together and wait for the yummy to roll over your tongue.

I fry my own tostadas because our grocery store doesn’t seem to sell them, and we add a layer of refried beans. I also use a lot of chopped garlic in the pico de gallo because that’s how we roll in this house. GARLIC MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER. (I also go heavy on the lime.)

If I could take better pictures of my food it would look stunning, but since I can’t…

crunchy fried corn tortilla, layered with refried beans, guacamole, shredded chicken, topped with pico de gallo

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