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Wednesday with words – updates

Me Update:

A couple weeks ago I blogged some personal projects for 2011. I decided to tackle them in reverse order and signed up for a photography class. YAY ME! It was supposed to start tonight, but has been postponed because of the inclement weather.

Ya’ll, it’s raining. Now, I understand that it’s only afternoon here, but the predictions are calling for accumulation of 3 inches, and the campus is CLOSED ALREADY. Hello? 3 inches? I’d also like to say that the weather predictions for my area are often, how shall I say it? TOTALLY FUCKING WRONG.

I guess that means the 3 predicted inches could turn into 3 feet. But if I was a betting woman, which I’m not, I’d say its more likely to be not measurable. I’m also willing to concede that I might just be cranky because I was looking forward to this class. Oh well.


Kid Update:

Whew. I guess unloading all my kid stress last week helped, because I’ve felt much better lately. And also, his poops have gotten better. Like, almost normal better. We cut out whole milk, and yogurt, but kept cheese. I’m thinking about adding yogurt back in a week or so, just to see. Plus, PLUS, he’s been sleeping. It’s like a miracle. I’m not even sure who this kid is. He looks a lot like my son…

I kind of wonder if his milk sensitivity, or whatever it is (or maybe not milk related at all, but that’s what I’m grabbing right now), has also been partially (or fully) responsible for his poor sleeping? Kidlet’s problem wasn’t getting to sleep as much as it was staying asleep. Until about a week ago he’d slept more than 4 consecutive hours maybe 4 times since he was born. The last two nights? He’s slept from 7:30pm to 5am, and 8:00pm to 4am. I’ll be damned if my mother didn’t tell me to cut milk out of my diet a year ago to see if milk was contributing to this.


Cute kid:

Yesterday we had a break in the weather temperatures – it got up to 50˚F, so we played a bit outside before dinner.

Sharing the ball with Lucy.

Getting ready to throw the ball for Lucy. (Please note that we never did a last raking before winter. Yep. We’re “those” neighbors.)


This kid loves brooms.

Yelling is fun, too.



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Worldless Wednesday – Peek a boo!





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The best toys

are sometimes the ones they find lying around.

For instance, the dog gets her water in a 1 gallon paint bucket. Here it does double duty as a hat:

bucket on head

So proud!

In other news – I went to the park again today. This time in the afternoon. There was a definitely different crowd in the afternoon, and they were much more approachable. I had a couple of nice conversations with a few other moms. It didn’t kill me, I didn’t break out in hives, and I’ll probably even go back.

Progress, no?

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The perfect place to put stuff

Remember the speaker from yesterday? Well, today it has a starring role.

As has been established, O likes to play on the speaker by the TV stand. A whole new realm of possibilities opened up the other day, when he discovered that the speaker HAS A HOLE in it.

Can you tell where this is going?

Look! I can put this plastic bag in this hole!

Gotta make sure I get the whole thing stuffed in there.

My arm fits, too!

Hey! Where’d it go?

There it is!

We’ve had to re-purpose our kitchen tongs to pull stuff out of the speaker now.

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