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Feminist Friday – Ani DiFranco – 1992

What if no one’s watching

… i always feel i have to
take a stand
and there’s always someone on hand
to hate me for standing there
i always feel i have to open my mouth
and every time i do
i offend someone somewhere

you know i can’t apologize
for everything i know
i mean you don’t have to agree with me
but once you get me going
you better just let me go
we have to be able to criticize
what we love
to say what we have to say
’cause if you’re not trying
to make something better
then as far as i’m concerned
you are just in the way


My mood is matching the grey, cold day outside my windows today. I think Lucy has another tumor on her head; she has an appointment with the vet this afternoon. And kidlet has another rash. This one completely different from the one he had a few weeks ago. He went to the doctor on Wednesday and the doctor sort of scratched his head and said, “Let’s watch it. Call me on Friday.” It’s Friday. Rash got worse. I know rashes can drag you down the biggest diagnostic rabbit hole, but I hate hearing, “Well…let’s watch it.” I hate feeling like there is something wrong with my kid. And I wish I had an instinct that said, “He’s just kind of a funny little kid who gets the weird viruses,” or one that said, “He’s got some underlying autoimmune condition, chase this until you get an answer.” Instead I sit here and wonder if this is ‘normal.’ I feel like I did back in January, wondering what the hell is going on.

We have a birthday party to go to tomorrow, kidlet’s two best friends will be there. And one of my very best friends in the world is coming tomorrow night for a few days. Things will look up. What are you all doing this weekend?



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Feminist Friday – 1996

For the last few months I’ve been doing Flashback Fridays, which originally started because I came across a picture of myself that I thought was too cute not to share. Some of them included a picture and some music, and then they eventually stopped including pictures and became solely music. And then it occurred to me that most of the music (actually, I think all of it) I post is by women. So I figured the post was due for a name change. I’m a proud feminist, and most of the music I listen to, and love, reflects that.

I listened to this album a hundred million times when it came out.


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Flashback Friday* – 1999

*A sometimes feature.

The Dance Hall Crashers a Bay Area (California) band, fronted by two women. Right up my alley.

Do you think you’re beautiful?

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Flashback Friday* – 1994

*A sometimes feature.

Love this song. Especially cranked WAY THE HELL UP.

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Flashback Friday* – 1997 – Music

*A sometimes feature. When I remember.

Do you love it? Hate it? Remember Luscious Jackson? Have a fun fact about them and the Beastie Boys?

Happy Friday!


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Music for movin’ your body

I’m currently in love with this song.

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Mommmm…turn it DOWN!

We were driving in the car the other day when John Fogerty’s “Centerfield” came on the radio. I turned it up, as the song is one of my favorites, and it was a good time of day for singing in the car.

I glanced into the rearview mirror to check on O, and saw that he had covered both of his ears with his hands. Is it possible he doesn’t like John Fogerty?

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