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Oh, the things this kid says

I was driving the other day, and had accelerated so I could change lanes without cutting another driver off. From the backseat I hear, “Mama! Slow DOWN!”


I’m getting a new bicycle! This weekend we were at one bike shop looking at them, and left to go to another bike shop that was across the parking lot. I decided to walk with O, and told him we were going to go look at more bikes across the parking lot. So as we’re walking through the parking lot he’s jabbering, “Mo’ bike! Cars backing up!” Suddenly he stops and tries to pull me back in the direction we came from, “Bikes THIS way!” “No, dude, bikes are this way, through the parking lot. Come on, we have to go, daddy drove the car, we have to go find him.” He stands still for a minute and says, “(something I couldn’t make out but will assume it was “are you”) kidding me mama?” I looked at him and said, “No, I’m not kidding you. Let’s get moving!”


He cracks me up. Every.single.day.

He’ll be two on Sunday, and to be perfectly honest, I’m amazed. He amazes me. All the time.



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Milestones in parenting

So, Tuesday I was worried about leaving kidlet ALL DAY LONG, and wondering if I should go visit him at daycare. I decided not to because I figured going to daycare to see him was really more for me than for him, and I didn’t want to interfere in what was probably going to be a fine situation. And you know what? He was fine. He had a blast with his caregiver – he showed her all his toys, he got a bubble bath, and he went to sleep without any problems. He didn’t even know we weren’t here.

I think this is an awesome milestone I have reached as a parent. I know that his dad and I aren’t the only people who can care for him, but nights have been rough in this house for the past 2 years. Really, really rough. We probably could have done things differently to make them less rough, but whatever. We’re first time parents who are doing the best we can, and hoping our best doesn’t fuck him up any more than most kids might be. And finding a babysitter has been something I haven’t been ready to deal with because of the night challenges. I wasn’t sure how to find a sitter by saying, “Sometimes he wakes up 20 minutes after he goes down, and will continue to wake every 40 minutes for the rest of the night. You can handle that, right?” Because I was having trouble handling it, I didn’t feel right asking someone else to handle it. Projection, I know.

Anyway, his daycare provider has indicated that she would love to sit for him whenever she’s available, and I’m kind of excited about the opportunities this opens up for ME. Concerts, roller derby matches, Anthony Bourdain is coming to town…all of this stuff that for the past 2 years I’ve read wistfully about, is totally possible now. It’s a crazy feeling.

Know what else is crazy? My new haircut.


This is what it looked like before:


And just for fun: kidlet’s butt under a chair.


Next week I’ll talk about the 12th & Delaware screening.

Exciting stuff, ya’ll.

What was exciting and new in your week?


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1st kid neuroses – I have ’em!

Today kidlet will get dropped off at daycare, and I won’t see him again until he wakes up tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. (Let me be clear that he will wake up around 3 a.m. It will, technically, be morning.)

Usually, on Tuesday I pick him up from daycare around 5 and home we go. Tomorrow though, the mister and I are going to Richmond to attend a screening of 12th and Delaware. In order to get there for the 6:30 p.m. start time, I’ll need to leave just shy of 5 p.m. I won’t be picking O up. Instead his daycare provider will be finishing her day, and bringing him home. She’ll feed him dinner, and put him to bed. (Hopefully without event.)

I’m really looking forward to seeing this documentary, and am very sure I’m leaving him in very capable hands. But I’m hardly gonna see my kid at all tomorrow. It’s a first for me.

In fact, I’m sitting here in the living room, kidlet is not more than 20 feet away from me in his room, and I miss him. (These are special circumstances, cut me some slack.) I want to sneak in there and watch his little chest rise and fall as he breathes…see his eyelashes resting on his little cheeks…WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?

I’m having an internal debate about going to see him for a little bit tomorrow afternoon. I worry that I will make his day worse if I do that though, since typically when I show up to get him he hugs my knees and heads straight for his cubby, where he grabs his bag and starts waving good-bye to everyone. Clearly, when I show up, it’s time to go. If I go visit him, am I trying to make HIS day better, or am I trying to make MY day better? Ugh.

This will also be the…2nd time he’s been put to bed by someone other than me or his dad. Bedtimes haven’t been any sort of picnic in this house (Getting him to sleep is easier now – but the art of keeping him asleep? Well, I’m still waiting for that ship to come in.), and we just got stuck in this “we’re the only ones who should have to do this” rut. So now I have this vision of him being confused and sad because we’re not around, and WE put him to bed and OHMAHMAUDE, WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO ME?!!?!? running around in his little head.


He’ll be fine. I know this. I need to get through it, so I can do it again, and NOT be stressed out about it.




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Potty learning

We haven’t really started potty learning with kidlet yet, but a few months ago I bought a seat for the toilet, and a little floor potty, just to get him accustomed to seeing them, and sitting on them when he wanted.

A few weeks ago kidlet and his dad were sitting in the living room reading a magazine article about potty learning, and kidlet was very interested in the picture of the little girl sitting on the potty. He kept saying, “Potty! Potty!” as his dad was talking about what the little girl was doing. (Or maybe it was, “Poop! Poop!” I can’t remember. Either way, he was really excited about the picture of the little girl on the potty.) So Dad says, “You have a potty. Do you want to sit on your potty?” And kidlet is very enthusiastic about this and says, “Yeah, yeah!” So Dad says to him, “Okay, you have a potty. Go get it and you can sit on it.”

I was listening to this exchange while making dinner in the kitchen, when I hear my husband say, “Honey, you gotta come see this! Hurry up!”

I walk into the living room expecting to see that kidlet has brought his floor potty into the living room and is sitting on it, but I see this instead:


Kidlet had walked into the bathroom, set his potty seat on the toilet and climbed up. All by himself.





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Countdown to 1 year

I know every parent says this, but I can’t believe how big and engaging O had become. Every day it seems like N and I sit and say, “Can you believe how big he is? It seems like just yesterday he was a little lump in my arms.”

He does all kinds of stuff too now. He’s a climbing fool. He climbs into any drawer he can open. Yesterday I caught him climbing up the chair that his high chair is strapped to (he made it into his high chair), and he’s desperate to figure out how to get his leg up high enough to climb into the bathtub. (ETA: Yeah, he figured out that if he grabs the faucet he can totally haul himself up on the tub ledge.) And he gets down off the couch without any help at all.

Last night he signed “more” while N was feeding him dinner. Hysterical, because he kept signing it like N wasn’t getting the food to him fast enough. “Faster, man. Can’t you see I’m HUNGRY!” Which is sort of funny in itself because he’s really sort of “meh” about food. He’ll feed himself a few pieces of cheese, or fruit, or chew on a pickle, and then start throwing the rest of it off the side of his high chair to the eagerly waiting dog.

He dances when he hears music. By dances I mean baby head bangs. N’s phone ringer is set to play a Pearl Jam song and anytime O hears it, he stops what he’s doing and bobs his head. At the fair last weekend we stopped at the music tent and he was rockin’ his body back and forth, like Ray Charles playing the piano.

I’m surprised he’s not walking yet – though he’s pretty close. Of course, I thought he was pretty close a month ago. He stands and squats, and maybe takes a step or two, but always resorts to crawling instead.

In related news, he’s just about grown out of his infant car seat. Choosing a new car seat has, not surprisingly, sent me into a whirlwind of information gathering, and review reading. I’m terrible at making these kinds of decisions because there are too many choices.

Woah! O will be one year old in one month! I guess I should plan a party, huh? I’ve never planned a kid’s party before…Oy.

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