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Lucy – Before and after surgery

There are incision pictures, so if that might make you squirmy, I won’t write anything of importance, and you can just come back tomorrow. 🙂

Blurry shot of the tumor, pre-surgery.
It’s the white dot just below my index finger.

It’s located on her left, rear leg. A good place; easy to get to, and enough extra skin so there was a lot of space to get good margins.

Her face photobombs the picture. She’s done with this sitting still thing. And apparently needs to lick herself.

Post surgery resting. When I picked her up at the vet she bounded out to meet me. You’d never have known she’d just had surgery.

Shaved and sutured.

Close-up of the incision. I guess they don’t try to line the edges up real neat on dogs.

She’s supposed to have her activity limited for a week, and then can have short leash walks for the week after. Since the skin is pulled a little taught over the wound, there is some concern that if she really gets moving, she’ll pull the wound open and it will need to be repaired. Since I’m not interested in that happening, she can just loll around in the a/c for the next few weeks. Like a dog of leisure.

The pathology should come back by Friday. Here’s hoping for a grade 1 tumor.


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Everything looks different from under a dog butt.

Whew!!! We’ve been back from vacation (which was a very good time) for a week, and I’m just now starting to feel caught up.

The laundry’s been done, the lawn has been mowed, grocery shopping has been done…(for what it’s worth, I was only involved in the grocery shopping. My lovely partner does most of the house-keeping. Which is important because I am miserable at those sorts of chores. Miserable meaning I’ll get to them eventually, but there is no guarantee it will be in any sort of timely fashion. Okay, OKAY. I’m a slob. I admit it. I’m a mean dinner maker though, and I’ve proven reasonably capable at keeping a child alive with my boobs, so…I guess things balance out.)


I have LOTS OF THINGS to blog about. But not today.

Today I’m just going to give you some pictures of what happens when I’m laying on the couch and the dog gets spooked and decides to seek refuge in the corner of the couch WHERE MY HEAD IS.


Why, yes. This DOES seem like a perfect place to sit.


Thank Maude, help has arrived!

Actually, O was kind of upset that she was perched on my head. He came over and was yelling at her to “Get off.” Well, he can’t actually say, “Get off.” But he was yelling something at her, so I will imagine it was, “Get off my momma you big dog!”

Or something like that.


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Wordless Wednesday – Love a lab





The weather has been nice this week. I hope it sticks around.

Really. I’m sick of winter.


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Salt dough is NOT for eating.

But it makes lovely hand prints!


Smooshed and ready to bake.



Baked, painted, and drying.



Hanging on the tree. Sometimes I marvel at how perfectly little he is…


1/2 cup salt
1 cup flour
1/2 cup water
Mix until doughy, then knead for 5-7 minutes.
Roll out to approximately 1/4 inch thick.
Smoosh or cut out shapes to your heart’s content.
Bake forEVAR in a 200˚F oven until all moisture is gone. (Between 4-10 hours)

I had some extra dough so I smooshed Lucy’s paw too. She doesn’t like having her paws messed with, and she wanted to eat the dough, so it was funny watching her try to eat the dough, or bite me, eat the dough, or bite me. She was unsuccessful at both. HAHA. I’ll win most every time dog. Write it down.

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I love my dog!

Happy 8th Birthday Lucy!

Ok, so her birthday was yesterday, but I was busy with a non-napping toddler, and didn’t have the foresight to write this ahead of time. Plus, she’s a dog – she won’t know.

Lucy came to me when she was 5 weeks and 1 day old. Not a week earlier my previous dog had died during her spay surgery (incredibly rare – she probably had a reaction to the anesthesia), and my sister and mother wanted me to have another dog. My sister found the cutest one she could.
Lucy - 6 weeks

She’s about 7 weeks old here. Such a tired puppy.

Lucy’s a very spirited dog. She’s been a big challenge to my patience, and wallet over the years. As I’ve mentioned before, she’s a dog RULED by her stomach. In 2006 she had 8 inches of her intestines removed when she ate a corn cob. NEWSFLASH: corn cobs don’t fit through dog intestines, and cause life-threatening emergencies.

It’s a good look, no?

Then there was the persistent limp she’d had, pretty much since birth. When I finally got around to really investigating what was causing it (in 2008), turned out she had a fracture.

Poor puppeh.

I’ve loved every minute of this dog. She has been an enormous comfort, and wonderful friend over the years. She’s been a great companion to me.

Happy Birthday Lucy!!!


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Breakin’ the law

I’ve lived in this town with my dog since September 2003, nearly 7 years. For 7 years I’ve known that city law requires that she be licensed. I’ve willfully ignored that law, since where I lived previously, in order to qualify for the spayed/neutered license, and accompanying lesser fee, you needed to provide proof of spayed/neutered status. I assumed that it would be the same here. Basically, I’m lazy. And it’s a dog license.

I've been illegal all these years?

So a few weeks ago I got a letter in the mail from the city Treasurer’s Office notifying me that I needed to get a license for my dog. State law mandates all dogs over the age of 4 months have a rabies shot, and licensing dogs allows the city to track rabies vaccinations, since your dog must be vaccinated in order to be licensed. And there’s a new nifty little law mandating that veterinarians notify the Treasurer’s Office every time they give a dog a rabies shot. Lucy got her rabies in April; I guess it takes the city a few months to catch up.

Anyway, I just needed to check the box “spayed/neutered” and send my check for $12 and I got a shiny new 3 year license in the mail about a week later. “Phew!” I thought, “I’m glad that has been taken care of. I hate to be a law-breaker. I can rest easier at night now.”

NOT SO FAST. Today I found a notice from Animal Control on my door, letting me know that they were stopping by to check Lucy’s license. And a friend of mine, who did pretty much the same thing I did, and waited until she got the notice in the mail to license her dog, says that she’s had 3 notices left on her door. This last one was a “Final Notice” with Final Notice underlined in RED.

Say what? Both of us have licenses for our dogs. Are they stopping by to check and make sure the dogs are wearing their licenses? Do the dogs need to show their license now, to any and all who ask? Do you suppose the Treasurer’s Office and Animal Control could communicate about which animals have been issued licenses? Does this seem like a valid use of a city employee’s time? Is the city using this to generate revenue? (Did I mention that a 1 year license costs FOUR dollars? Not an enormous amount of revenue…)

Whatevs. Maybe I’ll be home next time animal control comes to check her license. Or maybe she’ll be outside and they can just check themselves.


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