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Things making me go, “Hmmm.”

Yesterday I came across three things that I want to share.

The first is a video that Pursuit of Harpyness posted from TED.  In the video Chimamanda Adichie discusses what she calls The Danger of the Single Story. Adichie was a 2008 MacArthur Fellow, has written several acclaimed novels, and is a compelling speaker. In the video she reminds us that every story has more than one side. It’s semi-lengthy but very well worth it.

The second thing I came across was this blog post, Boys vs. Girls by Scatx  at Speaker’s Corner. In the post Scatx talks about representations of gender in some picture books her son has. She does an excellent job pointing out the ways gender is presented to very young children.

And finally there’s an article at Newsweek, See Baby Discriminate that talks about kids and the ways they form racial attitudes. The article suggests that by ignoring, or waiting until kids are older to specifically address race and the way it impacts people, parents are missing opportunities to shape their children’s views on race. Again, it’s on the lengthy side, but worth the time.

Phew – okay, tomorrow I’ll post fun easy stuff.


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Other people’s funny stories

I’m too tired to come up with anything witty to write. Instead, I suggest you go read this side splittingly funny story about trying to keep a toddler happy on a plane.

I actually laughed out loud.

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