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Oh, the things this kid says

I was driving the other day, and had accelerated so I could change lanes without cutting another driver off. From the backseat I hear, “Mama! Slow DOWN!”


I’m getting a new bicycle! This weekend we were at one bike shop looking at them, and left to go to another bike shop that was across the parking lot. I decided to walk with O, and told him we were going to go look at more bikes across the parking lot. So as we’re walking through the parking lot he’s jabbering, “Mo’ bike! Cars backing up!” Suddenly he stops and tries to pull me back in the direction we came from, “Bikes THIS way!” “No, dude, bikes are this way, through the parking lot. Come on, we have to go, daddy drove the car, we have to go find him.” He stands still for a minute and says, “(something I couldn’t make out but will assume it was “are you”) kidding me mama?” I looked at him and said, “No, I’m not kidding you. Let’s get moving!”


He cracks me up. Every.single.day.

He’ll be two on Sunday, and to be perfectly honest, I’m amazed. He amazes me. All the time.



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Conversations with a toddler

Not technically a conversation. More, a “where does he get this stuff?” moment.

Husband has his clothes closet downstairs, and yesterday he left kidlet in the living room to go downstairs to finish dressing for the day. (I was half-snoozing in bed still.) (This makes me sound very decadent, and I might agree, except that said toddler still wakes up at least once, often twice at night, and I’m the night-settler. So, I would feel more decadent if I was getting 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep, but since I’m not, I just feel tired.)

Upon his return to the living room to collect the toddler for daycare, toddler turns to his dad and says, “Nice shirt!”

This kid cracks me up.

(Also, Monday I was over at NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s blog offering my thoughts on the documentary 12th & Delaware. Go read, maybe they’ll ask me to write more!)

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Mornings in the Life V 2.0 house

I’m not a morning person. Never have been. I married a morning person. Maude love him. My child is a morning person. Maude help me.

Our M,W, Th, and Fri morning routine is actually very sweet, disparate morning preferences notwithstanding:

Kidlet wakes up somewhere between 5:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. (UGH). Either I, or kidlet’s dad will go retrieve him from his room and bring him into our bed where he will nurse for a little while. (I am able to lie there mostly half-asleep.) Then his dad takes him and gets him dressed and breakfasted. I stay in bed and attempt to sleep.

When it’s time to take kidlet off to daycare he will receive instruction to, “Go say bye-bye to Mama,” and I’ll hear him come into the bedroom where he might climb onto the bed to give me a kiss, and say, “Bye-bye, Mama.” Or he’ll be carried into the room to say goodbye and blow me kisses.

I love that most mornings he is happy and excited to go off to daycare. I also love that I married someone who is sympathetic of my desire to catch a little more sleep when I can.


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1st kid neuroses – I have ’em!

Today kidlet will get dropped off at daycare, and I won’t see him again until he wakes up tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. (Let me be clear that he will wake up around 3 a.m. It will, technically, be morning.)

Usually, on Tuesday I pick him up from daycare around 5 and home we go. Tomorrow though, the mister and I are going to Richmond to attend a screening of 12th and Delaware. In order to get there for the 6:30 p.m. start time, I’ll need to leave just shy of 5 p.m. I won’t be picking O up. Instead his daycare provider will be finishing her day, and bringing him home. She’ll feed him dinner, and put him to bed. (Hopefully without event.)

I’m really looking forward to seeing this documentary, and am very sure I’m leaving him in very capable hands. But I’m hardly gonna see my kid at all tomorrow. It’s a first for me.

In fact, I’m sitting here in the living room, kidlet is not more than 20 feet away from me in his room, and I miss him. (These are special circumstances, cut me some slack.) I want to sneak in there and watch his little chest rise and fall as he breathes…see his eyelashes resting on his little cheeks…WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?

I’m having an internal debate about going to see him for a little bit tomorrow afternoon. I worry that I will make his day worse if I do that though, since typically when I show up to get him he hugs my knees and heads straight for his cubby, where he grabs his bag and starts waving good-bye to everyone. Clearly, when I show up, it’s time to go. If I go visit him, am I trying to make HIS day better, or am I trying to make MY day better? Ugh.

This will also be the…2nd time he’s been put to bed by someone other than me or his dad. Bedtimes haven’t been any sort of picnic in this house (Getting him to sleep is easier now – but the art of keeping him asleep? Well, I’m still waiting for that ship to come in.), and we just got stuck in this “we’re the only ones who should have to do this” rut. So now I have this vision of him being confused and sad because we’re not around, and WE put him to bed and OHMAHMAUDE, WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO ME?!!?!? running around in his little head.


He’ll be fine. I know this. I need to get through it, so I can do it again, and NOT be stressed out about it.




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Potty learning

We haven’t really started potty learning with kidlet yet, but a few months ago I bought a seat for the toilet, and a little floor potty, just to get him accustomed to seeing them, and sitting on them when he wanted.

A few weeks ago kidlet and his dad were sitting in the living room reading a magazine article about potty learning, and kidlet was very interested in the picture of the little girl sitting on the potty. He kept saying, “Potty! Potty!” as his dad was talking about what the little girl was doing. (Or maybe it was, “Poop! Poop!” I can’t remember. Either way, he was really excited about the picture of the little girl on the potty.) So Dad says, “You have a potty. Do you want to sit on your potty?” And kidlet is very enthusiastic about this and says, “Yeah, yeah!” So Dad says to him, “Okay, you have a potty. Go get it and you can sit on it.”

I was listening to this exchange while making dinner in the kitchen, when I hear my husband say, “Honey, you gotta come see this! Hurry up!”

I walk into the living room expecting to see that kidlet has brought his floor potty into the living room and is sitting on it, but I see this instead:


Kidlet had walked into the bathroom, set his potty seat on the toilet and climbed up. All by himself.





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To pre-school or not…

Kidlet is going to be 2 whole years old in September (I don’t understand how it happened so quickly), and I’ve recently learned that 2 years old makes pre-school available to him. He should go! He’d love it! As parents we should send him to school as soon as possible! Give him as many advantages as we can!

But the options are staggering. First of all, I think there must be a bazillion toddlers in this town, because there are half a bazillion pre-schools. And anytime I get faced with lots-o-options I have a nervous breakdown.

There are Christian pre-schools, a Jewish pre-school, several Montessori schools, some “Waldorf Inspired” options (I guess Waldorf doesn’t encourage any sort of formal learning before age 3?), a few co-ops,  several private schools, a couple of international schools, and tons of pre-school programs that several of the daycare centers incorporate into daycare.

Private options don’t really appeal to me, and they’re DAMN expensive. Like $7000 a year (school year, mind you) for 10hrs/wk pricey.

The co-ops don’t really appeal to me either. They only have “class” 2 days a week from 9-11, there’s a LOT of parent involvement (which isn’t really my thing) and they’re STILL pricey.

I like the Montessori approach and might look into some of the options more carefully, but they’re not inexpensive.

Waldorf-inspired…well, I’d choose Montessori over Waldorf because I’m more familiar with it.

I’m really interested in the Jewish pre-school, and the international schools. I like the idea of him being exposed to Judaism, not because we’re Jewish, but because the whole rest of his life will be heavily influenced by Christianity, so I like the idea of giving him religious exposure that will provide balance to the prevailing Christian norm. The international schools appeal to me because I like the idea of him learning a second language early. I know that kids are sponges for languages, and I think being exposed early to any language, in addition to English can only be an asset.

So I get all excited thinking about him going someplace with some structure and learning things. But then I think, “Well, he’s TWO. How about he just gets to play some more?”

He goes to daycare 2 full days and 2 half days right now. He seems to enjoy it. (Goodness knows *I* enjoy it – he sleeps SO MUCH BETTER the nights he’s there. Especially the full days.) While there’s no formal structure, he spends time with other kids, and different adults, and I think those things are valuable. We started him in daycare when he was about a year old so that I could have a small break (he started at 4hrs, one morning a week), and so he could be around other kids. As my paid work has increased, so has the amount of time he’s gone to daycare. It’s not terribly expensive (we pay $125/wk for about 24hrs of care), it gives me the opportunity to do some paid work, and it gives him a chance to be out of the house with kids his own age.

So, I think I’m shelving pre-school for now. I’ll probably re-vist it next year. And I’m sure I’ll fixate on it from time to time between now and the next time applications are due (yes, applications). (I’m going to need the next year to sort out all these options.) He’s got plenty of time to be in school – for now I’m just going to let him be in childhood.


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