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Summer sandbox

We’ve been talking about getting/building kidlet a sandbox for a few weeks now (we do a LOT of talking about projects in this house), but lo! And behold! We did it! A sandbox for kidlet!

(We repurposed a raised garden bed that we tore out – kept the box, slapped some plywood on the bottom, and voilà! Sandbox!)


It was one of these. I had high hopes for these beds when we put them in two years ago, but they were a miserable failure. We’re going back to the good old-fashioned plants-in-the-ground method. Here’s hoping it doesn’t suck.


We did some garage sale hunting Saturday morning looking outdoor toys for him. We have a big yard, and while he seems to enjoy pacing the fence line (maybe he gets it from the dog?) I thought it might be nice FOR ALL OF US if he had something to keep him occupied. We came away with trucks. Perfect for kidlet. He LOVES trucks. (So freakin’ cliché, right? Boys love trucks. Yeah, well, we were gifted a bunch of hand-me-down trucks, and books about trucks, and he loves to read so…he also loves his books about animals, but I’m not ready to get chickens or cows just yet. I WOULD like an outdoor kitchen for him – more garage sale hunting for that…Am I rationalizing? That for all my talk of feminist-parenting, my kid is performing gender conformity quite nicely? Feck.)




And now we get to look forward to sand all over the house.



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Salt dough is NOT for eating.

But it makes lovely hand prints!


Smooshed and ready to bake.



Baked, painted, and drying.



Hanging on the tree. Sometimes I marvel at how perfectly little he is…


1/2 cup salt
1 cup flour
1/2 cup water
Mix until doughy, then knead for 5-7 minutes.
Roll out to approximately 1/4 inch thick.
Smoosh or cut out shapes to your heart’s content.
Bake forEVAR in a 200˚F oven until all moisture is gone. (Between 4-10 hours)

I had some extra dough so I smooshed Lucy’s paw too. She doesn’t like having her paws messed with, and she wanted to eat the dough, so it was funny watching her try to eat the dough, or bite me, eat the dough, or bite me. She was unsuccessful at both. HAHA. I’ll win most every time dog. Write it down.

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Holiday crafts

I bought a bunch of craft felt a few weeks ago thinking I would make some ornaments for the tree. I had grand plans to cut trees, and gingerbread, and stars, and painstakingly embellish each one with hand embroidered details…

And then the kidlet got laid out with a 102˚F fever that lasted 6 days. (Newsflash: When the kidlet has a fever he turns into a piece of toddler sized velcro and WILL NOT be pried away from my body. Even at 3 o’clock in the morning.)

So my grand plans for lovely ornaments were scaled back to a cute, and exceptionally kitschy, garland.

I used cookie cutters to trace the shapes onto a piece of felt. I wanted each piece to be double thickness (Why? I have no idea. I thought it would be “nicer.” What the hell? It’s felt on twine. What is this “nice” crap?), so I sewed two pieces together using the tracing as a stitch guide.



Then I cut the shapes out with my pinking shears, for a little visual variety, and sewed a jingle bell to each one.




Then I sewed them all to some hemp twine.





And then I wrapped it in some tissue paper and mailed it to my mom. Because what mom doesn’t love a craft from her oldest kid?

I’m such a dork.


In further crafting news: In theory this will become a stocking for O. When the hubs and I first got married we bought 2 gorgeous hand felted stockings at a local craft market. We are now a family of 3, and I haven’t been able to find a not-ugly stocking for the babe. A-ha! I shall make one! (Seriously? WHAT. THE. HELL. Do I think there are unlimited hours in a day?!) From old sweaters! With an applique!






It’s snowing today. Very festive.



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More crafts! With kids edition.

So, crafts with kids are apparently de rigueur, and since I have a surprisingly compliant kid, I thought I’d jump in this Thanksgiving with the ubiquitous hand and footprint turkey.

The kid’s dad held his hand while I traced quickly onto an old greeting card (I wanted the paper to be stiff, and the card was lying around). Then we did the same thing with his foot. He resisted a bit with his hand, but he’s kinda used to me smooshing his hand onto things, as I’ve made several hand prints over the months. I think he just kinda thinks, “Lady? Again?”

I cut out the tracings and traced them (really, I can’t come up with something other than “tracing”? No.) onto red, orange, yellow, and brown construction paper, and commenced cutting. There was a lot of cutting, as I wanted to make one for each of the grandparents, and I wasn’t smart enough to accordion fold the paper so I could cut three at a time, instead of just one, until I was almost done.


Once I had everything cut out I needed to ask the Internet for assembly instructions, because apparently kid crafts aren’t intuitive. I found this tutorial, and then stressed out about it LOOKING PERFECT. Because, you know, I’m a little Type A sometimes.

They assembled beautifully, and are in the mail to the grandparents so they can have a little piece of the kid, even though we can’t be with them.


In theory I’ll do this again every year for some period of time, so we’ll get to see how he’s grown. We’ll see. I’m kinda the queen of unfinished projects.


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Zee quilt – it is DONE!

It took me 10 days longer than I hoped it would, but the quilt is completed! It’s in the wash, about to go into the dryer, so it can get Fed Ex’ed tomorrow. Phew! Her birthday was the 15th, so it’ll be about 10 days late, but hopefully she will think it was worth the wait.

I learned A LOT doing this quilt. There are a LOT of mistakes. More of my seams are off than line up, I can’t sew a straight line to save my life apparently, and I was too lazy to hand bind it. OH WELL.

It looks lovely, if I do say so myself, and it was made with lots of affection.


For the back I used some of the fabrics used on the front. I was trying to use up as much of my fabric stash as I could with this quilt, and I definitely put a good sized dent it in. Almost enough so I can go buy more fabric.


By the time I’m done with a quilt I am usually ready to see it go, but with this one…I’m glad it’s over, but I kinda fell in love with it while making it.

And now – on to the next project.

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The top! It is done!

The hardest part is behind me! I don’t know how many hours it took, but I am very pleased with the results! Now, to make the back, actually quilt the sucker (which is going to take the most time, and be potentially difficult, as I’ve only actually quilted one other quilt. I usually tie them.), and bind it. In about 6 days. Oy.



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Quilt progress

Well, the pinwheels are all pieced together.


These kicked my ass. There are a lot of mistakes in it – I think my seam allowances wound up off somehow because most of the seams don’t line up the way they should. Several of the seams are puckery (though, those might smooth out once it’s washed. Maybe. I hope)… I’m not too worried about it. It’s my first try at pinwheels and they’re still cute.

I need to cut the border, pin and sew the prairie points, sew the back, actually quilt it, and bind it. All in the next 10 days.


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