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Heat wave

OMG, it’s too hot to even think.

Here in the mid-Atlantic, we’ve been having what some might fondly refer to as a heat wave. I, not so fondly, am referring to it as the 7th Layer of Hell. Ya’ll, it is SO HOT, I can’t stand it and I’m about to go crazy.

Just in case you think I’m exaggerating let me offer up my evidence; it has been 90 degrees Fahrenheit, or above, for the last ten days. But wait! There’s more! The humidity! ┬áHumidity is awful all by itself. Add it to oppressive heat, and you’ve got 100+ degree HELL.┬áLike I said…

We took the baby (I’m gonna have to come up with something else to call him pretty soon, since he’s getting to be less and less baby-like) to one of the city’s splash-parks on Saturday. We hadn’t intended to go, so he wasn’t suited up properly, nor were the adults prepared to get wet, but we were in the car driving around while he slept and decided to stop when he woke up.

He wasn’t overly enthusiastic; I think the combination of just having woken up from a cat nap, coupled with THE HEAT, and the noise from all the splashing water made him a little clingier than he is usually. No matter. The weather is supposed to remain in the 90’s, so I suspect we’ll try again one day this week.

Those are his smiley cheeks.


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