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Feminist Friday – 1996

For the last few months I’ve been doing Flashback Fridays, which originally started because I came across a picture of myself that I thought was too cute not to share. Some of them included a picture and some music, and then they eventually stopped including pictures and became solely music. And then it occurred to me that most of the music (actually, I think all of it) I post is by women. So I figured the post was due for a name change. I’m a proud feminist, and most of the music I listen to, and love, reflects that.

I listened to this album a hundred million times when it came out.



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Flashback Friday* – 1997

*A sometimes feature.

I don’t think this song got a ton of airplay when it was released in 1997. I do know that I was able to see her perform it on the second Lillith tour in NY which was a lot of fun.

The dance sequence that starts around 0:42 makes me laugh every.time.

It feels like fall around here again. I’m so excited for pumpkins, and falling leaves…Enjoy your weekends!

(Also, I’ve noticed that the vast majority of the music I post here is, what I would consider, feminist music. I think I’m going to change the post titles to Feminist Fridays. What say ye, readers? No one cares but me, you say? Yeah, probably. 🙂 )


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