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I stand with Planned Parenthood


I’m absolutely disgusted at the action taken by the House of Representatives on Friday to remove all Federal funding from Planned Parenthood, and to kill Title X.

Planned Parenthood offers SO MUCH health care to communities that no one else can, or does offer services to. And I don’t ¬†know WHY we are even arguing about the benefit of family planning. What in the hell is wrong with giving people (men AND women) the tools to…wait for it….wait for it…plan parenthood?

Hillary Clinton knocks it out of the park.

Here’s a list of the Representatives who jumped the aisle to vote with the Pence Amendment, and those that jumped the aisle to vote against it. If your Representative is on this list, contact them and let them know how you feel. It doesn’t need to be complicated, or fancy. A simple, “That you for standing up for family planning, and voting against the Pence Amendment.” Or “I’m very disappointed that you chose to disregard the value of comprehensive family planning and low-cost or no-cost preventative health care, and vote with the Pence Amendment. I urge you to support all access to family planning in the future.” It’s important that those of us who are unhappy SPEAK UP.

What else can you do? Stand with Planned Parenthood. Sign up for action alerts and sign your name to every letter they ask you to send. Visit Pro-Choice America and sign up there, too.

Take a few minutes and listen to these amazing Representatives speak against the Pence Amendment.

Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI)

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA)

Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY)

I have been a Planned Parenthood patient, so I am personally invested in this. But I also believe passionately, and UNEQUIVOCALLY that women MUST be able to control their reproduction in order to be wholly autonomous beings.

I am pro-child, pro-family, pro-choice, and I stand with Planned Parenthood.


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