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Summer sandbox

We’ve been talking about getting/building kidlet a sandbox for a few weeks now (we do a LOT of talking about projects in this house), but lo! And behold! We did it! A sandbox for kidlet!

(We repurposed a raised garden bed that we tore out – kept the box, slapped some plywood on the bottom, and voilĂ ! Sandbox!)


It was one of these. I had high hopes for these beds when we put them in two years ago, but they were a miserable failure. We’re going back to the good old-fashioned plants-in-the-ground method. Here’s hoping it doesn’t suck.


We did some garage sale hunting Saturday morning looking outdoor toys for him. We have a big yard, and while he seems to enjoy pacing the fence line (maybe he gets it from the dog?) I thought it might be nice FOR ALL OF US if he had something to keep him occupied. We came away with trucks. Perfect for kidlet. He LOVES trucks. (So freakin’ clichĂ©, right? Boys love trucks. Yeah, well, we were gifted a bunch of hand-me-down trucks, and books about trucks, and he loves to read so…he also loves his books about animals, but I’m not ready to get chickens or cows just yet. I WOULD like an outdoor kitchen for him – more garage sale hunting for that…Am I rationalizing? That for all my talk of feminist-parenting, my kid is performing gender conformity quite nicely? Feck.)




And now we get to look forward to sand all over the house.



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Slow Asheville Saturday…



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Conversations with kidlet

This one transpired between kidlet and his dad, while his dad was getting him buckled into his car seat after dinner last night.

Kidlet: Ball! Ball!
Dad: Here’s your ball.
Kidlet: Throws ball out of the car, into the parking lot. “Uh oh!”
Dad: Yeah, uh oh. You threw the ball, buddy.
Kidlet: Ball! Ball!
Dad: Okay, hang on, I have to get it, cuz you threw it.
Kidlet: Go! Go!

Demanding little toddler.


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Toddlers sure are clever

Apparently kidlet knows where his dad’s socks are kept.

Yesterday while we were getting ready to leave the house, kidlet grabbed one of his dad’s shoes and started chasing him around the house saying, “Shoe, shoe! Shoe, shoe!” which is kidlet-code for, “Put these shoes on your feet.” (Or, if he’s carrying his OWN shoes, it’s code for, “Put these shoes on MY feet.”)

So, his dad said to him, “Kidlet, I need my socks before I can put my shoes on.”

Kidlet put the shoe down and disappeared. He reappeared carrying a pair of socks for his dad.

C L E V E R.

Do you think this means we can get him to help put laundry away?


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Everything looks different from under a dog butt.

Whew!!! We’ve been back from vacation (which was a very good time) for a week, and I’m just now starting to feel caught up.

The laundry’s been done, the lawn has been mowed, grocery shopping has been done…(for what it’s worth, I was only involved in the grocery shopping. My lovely partner does most of the house-keeping. Which is important because I am miserable at those sorts of chores. Miserable meaning I’ll get to them eventually, but there is no guarantee it will be in any sort of timely fashion. Okay, OKAY. I’m a slob. I admit it. I’m a mean dinner maker though, and I’ve proven reasonably capable at keeping a child alive with my boobs, so…I guess things balance out.)


I have LOTS OF THINGS to blog about. But not today.

Today I’m just going to give you some pictures of what happens when I’m laying on the couch and the dog gets spooked and decides to seek refuge in the corner of the couch WHERE MY HEAD IS.


Why, yes. This DOES seem like a perfect place to sit.


Thank Maude, help has arrived!

Actually, O was kind of upset that she was perched on my head. He came over and was yelling at her to “Get off.” Well, he can’t actually say, “Get off.” But he was yelling something at her, so I will imagine it was, “Get off my momma you big dog!”

Or something like that.


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