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Wordless Wednesday – New hat! (‘Cuz it’s COLD!)




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More crafts! With kids edition.

So, crafts with kids are apparently de rigueur, and since I have a surprisingly compliant kid, I thought I’d jump in this Thanksgiving with the ubiquitous hand and footprint turkey.

The kid’s dad held his hand while I traced quickly onto an old greeting card (I wanted the paper to be stiff, and the card was lying around). Then we did the same thing with his foot. He resisted a bit with his hand, but he’s kinda used to me smooshing his hand onto things, as I’ve made several hand prints over the months. I think he just kinda thinks, “Lady? Again?”

I cut out the tracings and traced them (really, I can’t come up with something other than “tracing”? No.) onto red, orange, yellow, and brown construction paper, and commenced cutting. There was a lot of cutting, as I wanted to make one for each of the grandparents, and I wasn’t smart enough to accordion fold the paper so I could cut three at a time, instead of just one, until I was almost done.


Once I had everything cut out I needed to ask the Internet for assembly instructions, because apparently kid crafts aren’t intuitive. I found this tutorial, and then stressed out about it LOOKING PERFECT. Because, you know, I’m a little Type A sometimes.

They assembled beautifully, and are in the mail to the grandparents so they can have a little piece of the kid, even though we can’t be with them.


In theory I’ll do this again every year for some period of time, so we’ll get to see how he’s grown. We’ll see. I’m kinda the queen of unfinished projects.


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