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Wordless Wednesday – Pumpkin patch






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Wordless Wednesday – football season is upon us

I don’t really care about football.

I’m in the minority in the house.

This is what I’ll see on Sundays from here on out…


(Can someone who knows more about websites than me tell me why my pics are being distorted if I grab the HTML code from Flickr? Gracias)

(And I guess this post wasn’t very wordless.)

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A day late – but I’ve been a parent for 13 months…

Seems only fitting that I should finally get around to talking about the boy’s 1st birthday, no?

O’s birthday fell in the shadow of my cousin’s son’s death (which I’m working on telling you all about…it’s hard to talk about babies dying though), so it was a little bittersweet. But we were at my mom’s house in California, so we were able to have a small celebration with my family, and friends. And CAKE! It’s not a birthday without cake!

O had a great time. He loved having all the kids to play with around. I think he had a good time opening his gifts, and he LOVED the cake. The party needed to be shifted at the last minute to accommodate the memorial service, so it didn’t come off the way I had planned. But nonetheless, it was a nice way to usher in toddlerhood.


Happy Birthday!





(cute shirt, no? Very proud…I made it.)

When we got back to Virginia, he had a second first birthday with some friends here. That’s a LOT of birthday parties. A good friend of mine made a spectacular cake for him. It was perfect, and incredibly tasty too!


So awesome


It’s such a cliché, but this year has flown by. O has changed so much, and is turning into the cutest little boy ever. (I know, every mom says that…and for every kid – it’s true!)


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