Virginia and the state of the uterus

This is what went down in Virginia on Friday (9/14). If you don’t think it could happen where you live, if you want to write it off as “stuff that happens in the South,” or think, “Well, what do you expect, it’s Virginia,” you can probably go ahead and kiss my ass right now. This kind of shit can AND WILL happen anywhere in the United States. It’s not isolated to the red states, it’s not isolated to the south, or the midwest, or the southwest. IT IS EVERYWHERE.

I speak at the 5:05 mark, if you need a specific reason to watch. But you shouldn’t need one – you should watch because THIS is how this kind of stuff goes down.

How Virginia is Shutting Down Women’s Clinics from Kontra on Vimeo.


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7 responses to “Virginia and the state of the uterus

  1. MistressofBoogie

    Dammit, woman, it did bring a tear to my eye! I couldn’t believe it when the vote flipped – I just didn’t see that coming (I’m blaming ignorance of local politics rather than astounding naiveté). Now I just feel really sad – the video put the whole US abortion debate in human perspective for me. On the plus side – you were fab, and it was lovely to watch you in action!
    If it makes you feel any better (it won’t) we have American activists now protesting outside our clinics. I’m really not fond of them, but we’ll keep them for a bit to give you a break from their insanity…

  2. yeah I read about this the other day and it’s almost too insane to believe but there it is. It’s really quite frightening.

  3. First of all, I am so proud of you for being out there and fighting this bullshit. Thank you, even though I’m not a Virginian. This shit is happening in my state too and it freaks me out. I feel so limited in what I can do because of my job, but I try to help by donating money when I can.

    Second, this is why I get so angry when people act like reproductive rights begins and ends with Roe v. Wade. Abortion opponents know they can’t attack Roe v. Wade head-on, so they are chipping away at the edges on technicalities by reducing access. It’s death by a thousand paper cuts, you know? There’s no specific fatal blow, but you still end up dead.

  4. Oh, these paper-cut actions are happening in a Yankee state like Minnesota, too. No woman in America can sit back and think this isn’t relevant to her!

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