Wordy Wednesday

I committed to posting more regularly, if only to get into the habit of WRITING. And not obsessing about the originality and perfection of all the words that come out of my fingers. I did a pretty good job last week – I posted from vacation! And then this week…well, this week, I have a vacation hangover. I’m tired. I can’t form coherent thoughts, let alone original and interesting ones.

So today – you get a picture dump. Which I think is kind of okay anyway, since I have posted many pictures of the kiddo in ages.

What’s the first thing you do when you get to the beach? You dig in the sand, natch.


And when you’re done digging in the sand, for the millionth time each day, you wash the sand off ALL THE THINGS. Especially your naked booty.


I’ll admit that while he was hosing things off, I was doing a lot of this. “This” was sitting on a patio, under a lovely umbrella, noshing on cheese, olives, and bread, whilst enjoying a lovely glass of wine and DOING NOTHING.


It’s vacation! You’re totally allowed to be face down in an iPad. ASLEEP. So cute. You know, because he’s ASLEEP.
And then we had to leave the beach to come home. And everyone was sad, except the kidlet who got to watch Dora on the plane for HOURS. It was like heaven. (Bless you Virgin America for your individual tvs. Every parent in the universe, as well as every passenger on the plane who doesn’t have a kid, thanks you.)

And now we’re home. Catching up. Which isn’t anywhere near as nice as being on vacation.



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6 responses to “Wordy Wednesday

  1. Jen

    Naked booties are always adorable. Well, if it’s a kid’s naked booty, that is. 🙂

  2. After looking at these photos, my ovaries are kicking and screaming and asking me why I’m not letting them give me babies yet.

  3. Jay

    We didn’t get to the beach this summer and it’s not going to happen and damn, I WANT TO GO NOW. We’ll go to a friend’s lake house on Saturday and that will be nice (and will involve cheese and wine and bread and doing nothing) but it won’t be the same. Sigh.

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