Navel gazing – circa 2001

Oy my word y’all. Look what I dug out of my email from 2001! I didn’t edit it. Cut and paste. No idea what spurred this…missive. It’s sort of empowering and embarrassing all at the same time. DON’T LAUGH. Okay, laugh. I did.


Consider that every action you take impacts something larger than just you. With that consideration, know that you have control and power to change. And then change. Something simple…smile more often at people you don’t know. Hold doors. Act according to principles and not desperation.

Is it possible to be a one person revolution? Merriam-Webster defines revolution as: a sudden, radical, or complete change: a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something: a change of paradigm.  According to this, one person is all that is needed for revolution.

Do we need revolution? Is it important to see ourselves as agents of change? Is there something in our greater social conscience that compels us to participate in the transformation of our lives? Or is it enough to believe that it will happen without our input?

What does it mean to revolt? Or to change? Does it mean taking a radically new position on an age-old question and posting it on billboards and street corners? Does it mean organizing protests and getting angry? Or is it a fundamentally simpler concept? I argue that it is fundamentally the simplest of concepts.

It is taking interest in the dynamic of social interaction.  Making choices grounded in knowledge and understanding, not simply doing because it appears to make sense. How can contentment be achieved if the path to contentment has been proscribed by someone other than yourself? You like something because someone told you you should? Like it and want it because you chose to. How do the relationships you have (all of them…not just the significant ones) resonate?

Complacency is the root of discontent. Believing that there is nothing to be done about injustice. Bring the words and concepts back to a human level. Not everything needs to be global. Motion forces resistance or further motion, and a stone into a lake ripples farther and wider than it did lying on the dirt. Resistance demands assertion which engages the dialectic.

Be a part of it.

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