First – go read, Dear GOP: You do know how pregnancy works, right? at Angry Black Lady Chronicles. It’s a fantastic piece of writing that needs to be shared. Go read. I’ll wait.

You’re back! Okay. Now go over to Unite Against the War on Women and find your state. Join if you’re so inclined (you’ll be able to participate in conversations, post about carpooling, or logistical questions, share relevant information, etc.) or just MARK YOUR CALENDAR for April 28. If it’s easier for you, go “like” them on Facebook – they can help you find your state group and event there, too. The goal of Unite Women is to have rallies, marches, whatever you want to call them, in every state, and DC on the same Saturday in a coordinated show of solidarity against the onslaught of anti-woman, and anti-choice legislation that has been sweeping the states. This is an opportunity to RAISE YOUR VOICE.

They’re on Twitter, too, at @NatlWow, and several states have individual accounts if you’re over there and looking for a way to keep up to date easily.

Wanna know what’s happening legislatively in your state? You can check more of Angry Black Lady’s hard work in this document. Check out the #teamuterati wiki page, too. Don’t be surprised if your head blows up on your computer monitor.

Also? I’m helping with the organizing for the Virginia rally and am tweeting for them at @WOW_VA.

And THAT is what I’ve been doing lately.

What have YOU been doing lately?


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