Fist bump to feminist parents

While I was busy neglecting the blog, and goofing off recuperating from the last 3 weeks of ass kicking I’ve been enduring at work, I got a BIG shout out over on the Ms. Magazine blog. Seriously y’all. Me. At Ms. *swoon*

Avital Norman Nathman, of The Mamafesto is doing a series of posts for Ms. in honor of Women’s History Month, and she turned her focus to moms (and dads) blogging about parenting, and feminism. And mentioned me. (In case you missed it: *SWOON.*)

Yep. I’m tooting my own horn.

(And now I guess I should actually write some meaningful stuff. Oy. The pressure!)



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2 responses to “Fist bump to feminist parents

  1. Ashley

    *fist pump*

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