How many sexist slurs can you name?

I believe, fervently, that the language we choose to use has great implications for the things we find important, and hold valuable. I do not believe that sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me. Words are used to convey hatred, and disrespect. They are used to hurt, and demean people. They are not harmless.

I’m really sick of seeing these words used to describe women.


Have any to add?


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6 responses to “How many sexist slurs can you name?

  1. MistressofBoogie

    We have ‘slag’ over here. It’s a bit like ‘slut’ but even better because it carries a trace of a class connotation, too; slags are slightly lower-class sluts. Nice.

  2. Jay

    All the cutesy-pie nouns, too: girly-girl. Princess. Delicate flower. “Real girl”. Honey, sweetie, love (when used instead of a name or title for a woman you don’t know. “Girl” itself when applied to anyone older than mid-teens. “Good girl”.

    Completely, totally, with you on the power of language.

    • I couldn’t even bring myself to address all the patronizing terms. Maybe I’ll make a graphic for that next.

      One of the things I love most about my kid is that he uses the word woman. When he sees female representation in a book, and it’s not a girl (i.e., a kid like him) he says, “Look at that woman!” work here is done.

      • MistressofBoogie

        Funnily enough – and I swear I haven’t influenced him AT ALL (well, maybe a bit, heh heh!) – L’il Boo uses ‘woman’ as his default word for any adult, and any doll or play figure. All Playmobil people, all teddy bears, all dolls, all (moustachioed) firemen. As a result, he’s forever wandering around the house looking for ‘the woman I lost’.
        I’m very much hoping he’ll be less careless with women when he’s older.

  3. Twat! I forgot twat. That just got dropped into casual conversation today…

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