THIS is what a feminist looks like.

I got giddy with excitement back over the summer when The Mamafesto unveiled the This is What a Feminist Looks Like series on her blog. I love reading about how other people have come to feminism, and hearing how they talk about it. It helps me to feel like part of something, and it also helps me to refine my feminism.

So I spent MONTHS working on my replies to her questions (I’m a perfectionist, which should explain why I am not the most reliable blogger), but finally got it together and got them to her.

Today, I am honored to be featured, and am so excited to be in the company of the women who have participated thus far. Go read, and then participate, too!



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8 responses to “THIS is what a feminist looks like.

  1. You are so kick ass awesome.

  2. Ah, fame at last! Don’t let it change you..!

    • You should answer too! I’d love to read yours.

      • No, really, it would make you weep. A sad, dirgy tale (accompanied by violins) of how I came to feminism via a deep childhood fear of Barbie, childbirth (huh? mummy birds and bees do WHAT?), name changes on marriage (why, mummy, WHY?), and the clear conviction that i was, in fact, a boy, followed by a teenage flirtation with ‘experimentation for its own sake’, laddette-ism, Elvis-impersonation-ism (seriously, you should have seen my hair) and oh-god-I-have-no-more-isms-I-just-hate-myself, and a growing (by the day) realisation that, hey, if I’m weird, I don’t wanna be right, amirite?!
        Mix it all together and voila! A feminist and – finally – peace from the little voices in my head…
        Some things are just too, too tragic! Kudos to you for having two feminist parents. Two! Count ’em!

  3. Awesome! I keep thinking I should do that … but then … don’t.

    • That’s how I’ve been about Bluemilk’s “This is what a feminist mother looks like” questions. I started thinking about how I was going to answer them while I was still pregnant. Have continued to think about it, and look at the questions in the ensuing 2+ years. Haven’t gotten around to actually answering them…too stressful. What if I answer wrong?!

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