This toddler, he is funny.

This weekend was holiday shopping themed. And kidlet’s dad, needing some solo shopping time, took kidlet shopping with him for whatever it was he needed on Sunday. Leaving me home to hem pants. Oh, the things I do with my toddler free time.

Anyway, kidlet doesn’t like his stroller a whole lot. (Unless we don’t have it, and then…well…you can guess.) He prefers to walk or run or spin around in circles when we’re out and about. This is, actually, mostly okay with us, as it serves the dual purpose of errand completion and tiring the child. Most of the time anyway. We have a little turtle-shell backpack (cutest thing EVER) for kidlet to wear that has a leash attachment, but we’ve never used it with the leash. I guess we’re waiting to lose him before we try it out.

So, kidlet and his dad were wandering around a shop when kidlet disappeared around the backside of a display fixture. Kidlet’s dad said, “Kidlet, I told you, you need to stay where I can see you! Come here.” And kidlet popped his head back around the fixture (Please actually imagine my two and a half foot tall kid, with his crazy blonde hair popping his head around. The image is adorable. I promise.) and said, “But I looking at something!” And back around he went.

Oh, well, as long as you’re looking at something. Do you suppose he needs an allowance to go with his browsing?

Happy Monday!



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2 responses to “This toddler, he is funny.

  1. Sister

    Whoever invented those leashes? I was petrified when I saw them for the first time. My daughter is now two and I still don’t understand why someone would put a child on a leash.

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