Feminist Friday – Tracy Chapman


I’ve had this song in my head for a few weeks now, for what I think are semi-obvious reasons. I loved the song when it first came out – really, I loved the whole album. I think it might have been one of the first CDs my parents bought. (I actually still have it. It’s, shockingly, survived over a dozen moves. I’m really careful about my CDs and books.)

I’m hosting a pumpkin carving party this weekend! With adults, and children! And it might snow tomorrow! So we’ll be crammed like sardines cozily ensconced  in our little house.  Kidlet’s excited. I told him who was coming and he’s been reciting the guest list to me for the last few days. Good times will be had by all!

What are your Halloween weekend plans? Anything spooktacular? (Couldn’t resist.)


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One response to “Feminist Friday – Tracy Chapman

  1. Sounds like fun! I’m amazed at the early snow – my friend in New Hampshire got some serious snow last night already. Craziness.

    For us this weekend: tonight-pumpkin patch and corn maze and Halloween store (eek). Tomorrow-Boo at the Zoo! Little guys dress up a ToT vendors and visit the animals too. Date night tomorrow night to a spooky play. Sunday-baking & pumpkin carving. Wow, it sounds like a full weekend when I write it all out like that! Happy Halloween!

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