Who doesn’t love a wedding?

Three years ago the mister and I tied the proverbial knot. Awww…how sweet.

In a fit of brutal honesty, if we had to do it again…we’d probably skip the whole wedding deal. We also go back and forth on whether or not that makes us terrible people…we don’t really remember it, we invited a lot of people we felt we should, and it’s not something we think was really an awesome day. I dunno, maybe we’d just do it really differently.

Anyway, married! That part we wouldn’t change.

(I did get my awesome Fluevog boots out of the wedding part, so that was a win.)

All of my favorite pictures from the day are shoe shots. Weird. Although, if you know me, it’s probably not that surprising.

Three down, and a lifetime to go…Happy Anniversary, honey!



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10 responses to “Who doesn’t love a wedding?

  1. Happy anniversary!! I absolutely love the shoe shots, and your boots, and your dress. I wish we had been real life friends then and I could have come.

    • The husband keeps talking about a vow renewal at our favorite brewery. They just started hosting events and he really wants to have an event there. You can come to that!

  2. J9

    ah, yes – the day of my Grandmother’s 90th birthday party. If I could have been in 2 places at once…
    Interesting that you’d maybe not do it if you could do it again. I guess everyone has something(s) they’d do differently. I certainly do, but it’s really only stuff that pops up in hindsight. I really like your photos and I love that you did red & black. You were a too cool for school bride. 😉

  3. Does it make you terrible people? Of course it does! I bet you step on kittens’ toes for a fun Friday night.
    Kidding, I’m kidding!
    Cool boots, by the way. But then you knew that.

  4. Oh, and I saw this and immediately thought of you…http://www.thinkgeek.com/tshirts-apparel/kids/6c71/
    Kidlet no doubt already has it.

  5. Happy Anniversary! And I totally get you. Whenever people ask “O the happiest day of your life” question, it’s always expected to be the day you were married or the day your baby was born. And for me, they just aren’t. I was sick as a dog on my wedding day and Oz’s birth was a major trauma. I’m so happy to be married and to have my baby… at the moment “Best day” might be this last easter. We had an awesome day at the park. Sorry to highjack, I just *really* get that sentiment. So we can just be weirdos together 🙂

    • Hijack away! I don’t think I can point to a “happiest day.” I have lots of days that I have loved as a result of my marriage and my kid. But one day? I don’t think so. Too much pressure for one 24 hour period.

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