Unravelling a toddler medical mystery – more fun that you can shake a stick at.

I’m sitting here with kidlet watching Kipper. We’re having a quiet day. It’s raining cats and dogs outside, and we just got back from the doctor, so I think some lazy tv time is alright for the afternoon.

Last week I alluded to the medical crap we’re trying to sort out, and I swear, like all good mysteries, shit just gets more complicated.

At kidlet’s 24 month well-child exam we talked with his doctor about our pretty clear suspicion that kidlet has an egg allergy (he eats a bite of egg – he throws up, or gets hives. Doc agreed, egg allergy it is!), and we left the appointment with this handy little epi pen.

photo 2

He also had blood drawn to test for Celiac disease. O has been off the weight chart for over a year, and always seems to have a little diarrhea. So anyway, we’ve talked about Celiac with his doctor before and just decided to get the test out of the way. It was negative. So this is good news, because the more I read up on egg allergies, and after the week we’ve had, I can’t handle any more super complicated dietary things.

We know that if O eats an egg cooked on the stove top he reacts. But a few weeks ago he ate a cookie, fresh out of the oven, and not 15 minutes later threw up. (Of course he was in his car seat, and it was 8:30 at night.) Then this weekend we went to eat at our regular Saturday morning breakfast place, where he ate the same thing he eats every weekend, and he threw up. And then again on Sunday morning, eating at home, he threw up.

This throws me into a cross-contamination, and foods cooked with egg tailspin. Did O’s bagel touch the egg sandwich that was on the tray? Did we have egg on our hands, and then break up some pieces of lox for him? And on Sunday I made a scrambled egg burrito. He touched my burrito before I could stop him, but I immediately washed his hands with soap and water. Was I not careful enough? Is this not even related to eggs? Does he have some kind of weird virus?

And then when I picked him up from daycare yesterday, this:
photo 1

Oh, swell. A rash. A rash covering his chest, his back, his butt, his genitals, creeping up his neck, lightly covering his cheeks, and moderately on his arms and legs.

WHAT.THE.HELL. universe.

I hoped the rash would go away overnight, but it didn’t. So I took him to the doctor this morning who told me essentially what I expected to hear, “Well, it could be allergic, or it could be viral.” I wasn’t really expecting an answer, though I always hope someone will say, “YES! This is it. Do this and everything will be okay.”

He’s fine. Really. In fact he’s awesome. He handles the barfing like a champ, and once it’s over, it’s over. There’s no lasting symptoms. BUT, I’m completely paranoid about eating anything now. I’m paranoid about keeping eggs in our refrigerator, I’m paranoid to take him out to eat. I’m obsessively reading the labels for everything I feed him, even for stuff I’ve fed him a hundred times before.

He’s got an appointment with an allergist next week. I’m not sure what I expect to come of it. He’ll be tested for an egg allergy, and I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t come back positive. Maybe he’ll be tested for some other stuff, too. And then we’ll figure out how to keep him safe. Because I’m scared to death that instead of vomiting one time, he’s going to have a reaction that compromises his breathing and I’ll have to use the EpiPen. Which I will, of course, do in a heartbeat, but really would prefer to never have to make that call.

Also? He’s started calling me Mom. Like, “Mooooommm, where are you?” CRACKS.ME.UP.


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11 responses to “Unravelling a toddler medical mystery – more fun that you can shake a stick at.

  1. Bleargh, that SUCKS. I’m sorry he’s having such a yucky time. Having done the food allergy tap dance and recently started to backslide into “How bad could it be? *eats something questionable*….oh, really freaking bad” tug of war… blearghx2. But if it helps, once you’ve got the OK and the Off Limits lists together and have found the grocery stores/online frozen bread-like products (ew) that work for you, it gets better? Ish? While still being a huge pain? 😦

    • MKP, I’m hoping that once we get stuff nailed down (that WILL happen, RIGHT?) it will be smooth sailing. I’m just…overwhelmed by all of the stuff to consider now, ya know? Like, candy corn is made with egg whites. Who would have thought that? Not me, that’s who.

  2. That all sounds….really really awful. I have a cousin who was allergic to everything you can be allergic to when she was a baby/toddler/kid. We weren’t allowed to eat anything fun when she was around because she would react. The good news is she grew out of it eventually. The bad news is her parents had to deal with what you’re going through for all the years until she did.

    HOPEFULLY you can narrow it down and it won’t involve putting O in a bubble for the next 15 years. Those things have got to be rough during potty training.

  3. J9

    Um, who’s the champ? YOU are. What a stressful, annoying, exhausting pain in the ass to have to deal with this! I really hope you and docs figure it out very soon.

  4. Good luck. You have a great attitude about it all. Allergies are tough. I know several people that are gluten intolerant – usually indicated by their digestive issues and skin issues – but that DON’T test positive for Celiac. However, after a few weeks of no gluten, the symptoms disappeared. Who knows, though, right? I am also getting called “Mom” nowadays. Crazy!

    • Thanks! Gluten avoidance is my next line of attack, depending on what happens at the allergist this week. He had another episode of vomiting that we can’t explain last week…I have no idea. Maybe he just pukes a lot?

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  6. Elizabeth Pfeifler

    Im wondering if you have heard of EE in children. I’m botching it but it stands for easophilis esophagitis. Something like that. My son was tested (biopsy from esophagus) and we are still waiting on results but I read a blog from a mom who’s child has EE and the Symptoms were very similar. Might wanna Check it out.

    • I have heard of EE. I did a lot of reading about it before we went to visit the allergist. It seems like my kiddo suffers from food allergies – though we did discuss testing for EE if food elimination doesn’t solve the vomiting. I hope things turn out ok for your son.

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