Flashback Friday* – Turning Thirteen (1988)

This is what turning 13 looks like.

13th bday 3

I look skeptical, no?

And the tie-die! I remember this shirt was too big, so I would knot it at my waist. I also had matching capris. It was an explosion of pink tie-die. Purchased from Express. So super trendy. I was so cool.

Please note, my earring are carved wooden elephants. Just what every girl needs. Sadly, I don’t still have them.

What was happening in your 1988?



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8 responses to “Flashback Friday* – Turning Thirteen (1988)

  1. Joni

    I was turning 14 and I had a tie die HIPPIE THEMED PARTY! it. Was. Genius. My (now) husband was there and we had seven minutes in HEAVEN. it was a good year.

    No elephant earrings though. Fail.

  2. In 1988, I was deeply into my “I wear black on the outside cuz black is how I feel on the inside” phase, though as a child of suburbia I still bought my black tops at…you guessed it…the Limited & Express!

    • I was trying to wear black on the outside but my parents got all weirdly conformist about it. “No! What sort of message do you think you’re sending?!” I was allowed to pick out one black skirt, and one black shirt, but I wasn’t allowed to wear them at the same time. They were also from Express. (Or The Limited, which I had forgotten all about until you mentioned!) It’s hard to grow up in suburbia!

  3. In 1988, I was all about my mint green denim mini skirt, although it was certainly not mini by today’s standards. I think it was from Millers Outpost. Often paired with white ankle boots and a boxy peach sweater.

  4. I believe my 13th photo is a picture of me wearing wooden carved Manatee earrings showing off my manatee birthday cake. I was so kewl.

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