The fair! (Weeks late, but whatever.)

I love county fairs, and last year O was just a little too young to care about it. THIS year however, it was a hit. Woot! Woot! I figure that unless I get him into 4-H (which could very easily happen) I have about 10 years to enjoy them with him. Then he won’t want to be seen with me. Ahh…pre-teens.

Anyway, while he still thinks I’m the bees knees, we packed everyone off to the “biggest agricultural fair in Virginia.” Sounds fancy and impressive doesn’t it?

I hate birds, but look at this pheasant. How can you not want one?

It was fun. I love to see the animals, and crafts. I wound up chatting with one of the fabric arts judges and she very sincerely suggested I enter something next year. Huh. Never thought about that; maybe I will!


What does the cow say? It says, “Mooooooo.”

“Baby cow. Baby cow,” he kept saying.

The best part was watching kidlet though. He’s so interested in everything that’s happening around him, and he had a blast with the animals, and the people, and the animals, and OHMYMAUDE THE TRACTORS. We had to visit the tractors twice.

Oh, and Justin Bieber was there. (Please note, I had to Google his name to figure out how to spell it. I r old.)


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4 responses to “The fair! (Weeks late, but whatever.)

  1. Janine

    Birds! Cows! Tractors! The Beebs!!!
    O’s smile is contagious. Can’t believe he’s almost 2!

  2. Love the MOO pic with you peeking around him. Too cute.

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