Gloria: In Her Own Words

I don’t often wish I had cable. In fact, I can only think of twice in the last 3 years that I’ve been disappointed by our over-the-air television viewing.

Today is one of those instances. Last night HBO aired a documentary on Gloria Steinem that I am impatient to see.

(I’m incapable of embedding the trailer. Either WordPress hates me, or I’m not up to speed with this here interwebz thing. The trailer is here if you’re so inclined. And you should be.)

Did anyone see it? What did you think of it?



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2 responses to “Gloria: In Her Own Words

  1. I didn’t see it! And I have HBO!

    • Ack! I’ll bet it will be on again. If only VHS was still popular, you could tape it and send it to me. I will have to hope that it gets released to Netflix so I don’t have to wait forever for a screening, like I had to with 12th & Delaware.

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