Lucy – Before and after surgery

There are incision pictures, so if that might make you squirmy, I won’t write anything of importance, and you can just come back tomorrow. 🙂

Blurry shot of the tumor, pre-surgery.
It’s the white dot just below my index finger.

It’s located on her left, rear leg. A good place; easy to get to, and enough extra skin so there was a lot of space to get good margins.

Her face photobombs the picture. She’s done with this sitting still thing. And apparently needs to lick herself.

Post surgery resting. When I picked her up at the vet she bounded out to meet me. You’d never have known she’d just had surgery.

Shaved and sutured.

Close-up of the incision. I guess they don’t try to line the edges up real neat on dogs.

She’s supposed to have her activity limited for a week, and then can have short leash walks for the week after. Since the skin is pulled a little taught over the wound, there is some concern that if she really gets moving, she’ll pull the wound open and it will need to be repaired. Since I’m not interested in that happening, she can just loll around in the a/c for the next few weeks. Like a dog of leisure.

The pathology should come back by Friday. Here’s hoping for a grade 1 tumor.


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