Sewing table for the win!

I’m sewing again! My sewing machine got itself a new, permanent home!

For the last 5 years (since I got it, actually) my sewing machine has lived on the floor in the corner of various dining rooms. There was so much involved in using it that it only got pulled out for special projects. All the setting up and taking down each day was a big pain in the ass. And if there’s nothing else that I know about myself, it’s that if things require a great deal of extra effort, there’s a good chance I’ll lose interest.

That’s all changed because I got a real sewing table for my birthday a few months ago! Squeeee! (The mister actually got it – found it, picked it out (with some help), purchased it, and assembled it.) I’m so happy I could cry.

Now, instead of seeing this every day,

I go down to the basement and see this.

(Ignore the ugly, partially painted concrete floor. Ugh. We have no idea what we’re going to do with the floor down there since we had to pull up the carpet after the basement flooded in March. Linoleum? Resurface and polish for sort of a neo-industrial look? Big rug so you just can’t see it? It’s ugly and dingy and I hate it. But I’m super anxious about making a decision about what else to do. Because, what if it’s ugly? (You see the irony there, no? I mean, it’s awful now, linoleum isn’t going to make it worse.) Okay. So anyway, ignore the floor. Imagine it’s gorgeous 200 year old reclaimed hardwood. (Hey! I can dream, right?))

It’s so much more functional than hauling the machine up on to the table, which also was used for cutting, and ironing, and piecing, and eating… This way I have all the stuff I need near me (assuming I get said stuff into the drawers), I can leave my iron on and swivel to use it on the ironing board as needed. I can leave the machine up and ready to go at a moments notice! Or I can tuck it inside the cabinet (there’s a hydraulic lift that raises and lowers the machine), close it up, and hide it all.

So I bought some fabric!


I didn’t need fabric. I have 3 other projects that I have fabric for that I need to get done. But I fell in love with it, so there you go.

If you need me, I’ll be down in the sewing cave creating fabric masterpieces.

(And if you have brilliant suggestions for the floor, I’d be ever so grateful if you left them in the comments.)



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4 responses to “Sewing table for the win!

  1. Channeling my mother for a moment: since you seem to be in a darkish space, may I suggest an Ott Light or other natural light mimicking lamp. It will help with eye fatigue and keep the colors true.

    • Yes! The space isn’t as dark as it looks in the picture, but it definitely isn’t bright. I was thinking I needed to address that after working at the table for a couple hours last night.

  2. I DO have a floor suggestion! Use garage floor paint and just paint it all one color. You can buy additive to make it all speckled (I’ve heard you can even add glitter to make it extra special) so it will LOOK sort of like you tiled it but with less work and it’s much easier to repaint if you hate it.

    Now I am dying to come down and visit you and give your basement a whole craft-room makeover. SO MUCH FUN.

    I saw that same fabric at the craft store. Love it.

    • OMFG, come down and makeover my basement. Is there a sweepstakes I can enter? I am so horrifically bad at organizing, and visualizing what it will look like when it’s nice, that I just get overwhelmed and pile more crap in corners. Bring Evan, and Evan, and Caroline, and the dog! The craft room doubles as guest room, so you’ll be fully immersed in the experience! I’ll provide food, and beverages, and baby pools for the babies, and beer for the daddies and mommies, and, and, and…crap, I’d probably offer to rub your feet if you really did come make some sense out of the space.

      In the meantime, I’ll go look at floor paint…glitter you say?

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