Conversations with a toddler

Not technically a conversation. More, a “where does he get this stuff?” moment.

Husband has his clothes closet downstairs, and yesterday he left kidlet in the living room to go downstairs to finish dressing for the day. (I was half-snoozing in bed still.) (This makes me sound very decadent, and I might agree, except that said toddler still wakes up at least once, often twice at night, and I’m the night-settler. So, I would feel more decadent if I was getting 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep, but since I’m not, I just feel tired.)

Upon his return to the living room to collect the toddler for daycare, toddler turns to his dad and says, “Nice shirt!”

This kid cracks me up.

(Also, Monday I was over at NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s blog offering my thoughts on the documentary 12th & Delaware. Go read, maybe they’ll ask me to write more!)


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