Post-sexist society?

Trigger warning – the video contains images of violence against women.

“Do we live in a post-sexist society?” is the question answered by this aggregation.


Fuck no.


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4 responses to “Post-sexist society?

  1. Janine

    I really wanted to stop watching that but I couldn’t.
    Yuck, yuck, yuck.
    Oh, I am so bummed out right now!

  2. Yeah. It’s hard to see it all in one place like that. Sorry, dude. :/

  3. Damn. I, too, try to collect sexist ads, particularly ones that show the female corpse. They’re pretty useful visuals for classes where students are resistant to the notion that we’re still in a sexist world. What surprised me were the number of ads that are about blowjobs. I guess I just haven’t been on the lookout for those.

    • The ad that stood out most for me in this montage was the one with the woman attached to the video game controller. It seemed to damn essential. Like, here it is – women need to be (or can be) controlled the same way you would control a game. It all makes me really stabby.

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