Potty learning

We haven’t really started potty learning with kidlet yet, but a few months ago I bought a seat for the toilet, and a little floor potty, just to get him accustomed to seeing them, and sitting on them when he wanted.

A few weeks ago kidlet and his dad were sitting in the living room reading a magazine article about potty learning, and kidlet was very interested in the picture of the little girl sitting on the potty. He kept saying, “Potty! Potty!” as his dad was talking about what the little girl was doing. (Or maybe it was, “Poop! Poop!” I can’t remember. Either way, he was really excited about the picture of the little girl on the potty.) So Dad says, “You have a potty. Do you want to sit on your potty?” And kidlet is very enthusiastic about this and says, “Yeah, yeah!” So Dad says to him, “Okay, you have a potty. Go get it and you can sit on it.”

I was listening to this exchange while making dinner in the kitchen, when I hear my husband say, “Honey, you gotta come see this! Hurry up!”

I walk into the living room expecting to see that kidlet has brought his floor potty into the living room and is sitting on it, but I see this instead:


Kidlet had walked into the bathroom, set his potty seat on the toilet and climbed up. All by himself.






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3 responses to “Potty learning

  1. that is just to cute 🙂 Kids are so smart.

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