Conversations with kidlet

This one transpired between kidlet and his dad, while his dad was getting him buckled into his car seat after dinner last night.

Kidlet: Ball! Ball!
Dad: Here’s your ball.
Kidlet: Throws ball out of the car, into the parking lot. “Uh oh!”
Dad: Yeah, uh oh. You threw the ball, buddy.
Kidlet: Ball! Ball!
Dad: Okay, hang on, I have to get it, cuz you threw it.
Kidlet: Go! Go!

Demanding little toddler.



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5 responses to “Conversations with kidlet

  1. I think toddlers have a universal problem with “uh oh”. No buddy, it’s not “uh oh” if you did it on purpose.

  2. awwww demanding toddler + patient Dad 🙂

  3. babyinbrooklyn

    I have this very same convo w/ Ivy on a regular basis, on it’s usually b/c she’s thrown the ball far away and doesn’t want to go get it so she says “Uh-oh mommy BALL!” Actually, one of her first full sentances was the other day, in which she instructed my mom to “go get purple ball” we call her the tiny tyrant.

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