Toddlers sure are clever

Apparently kidlet knows where his dad’s socks are kept.

Yesterday while we were getting ready to leave the house, kidlet grabbed one of his dad’s shoes and started chasing him around the house saying, “Shoe, shoe! Shoe, shoe!” which is kidlet-code for, “Put these shoes on your feet.” (Or, if he’s carrying his OWN shoes, it’s code for, “Put these shoes on MY feet.”)

So, his dad said to him, “Kidlet, I need my socks before I can put my shoes on.”

Kidlet put the shoe down and disappeared. He reappeared carrying a pair of socks for his dad.

C L E V E R.

Do you think this means we can get him to help put laundry away?


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5 responses to “Toddlers sure are clever

  1. Yes! Put that kid to work 🙂

    • He “helps” with the diaper laundry by taking the clean, folded ones and putting them in his diaper pail. It’s cute, if not completely counter productive.

  2. Absolutely. We’ve already got Evan clearing dishes, carrying laundry and wiping up messes. He’s been living here rent free for too long already!

    • Right? O likes to wipe and sweep, and thinks the vacuum cleaner is his soul mate (he does NOT get that from me). We joke that we need to get him a mini-vacuum that actually works so he can help out around the place.

  3. Kelli

    Kid I watch unloads the dishwasher and sweeps. They’re his 2 favorite hobbies.

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