Hail, ya’ll!

Last night was fun, we had HAIL!!

Now, I’m a California girl. Growing up storms were something I read about in books, or heard about while watching the weather report on TV. They were not things that I really experienced. We had rain, and sometimes we even had A LOT OF RAIN (El Niño makes for some tropical storm worthy rains), but we usually didn’t have thunder and lightning, and I can only remember it hailing once. (It’s possible it happened more frequently than once, and my clogged brain just doesn’t remember it. Unlikely though, as I have a memory like an elephant.) Anyyway. The only other time I remember experiencing hail in my life the hail was small, like big pieces of salt.

The hail last night? Not like pieces of salt. More like peas. Or gumdrops. Big-ish, perfectly round pieces of frozen water plummeting from the sky at a rather significant speed. Probably would have hurt to get hit by it.

Did I mention we were eating dinner outside under a tented patio when the storm started? No? Well, we were. It was exciting. Please note, I’m from California and therefore think storms are FUN. The more thunder and lightning the better.

Hail storm 4/26/11

I waited for it to stop raining to take the picture. Was not interested in getting pelted, or soaked.

It was a gully washer of a storm, (That’s a term I’ve learned since I moved to Virginia. When I say it do I sound like an authentic Southerner? No? Hmmm…) and we all marveled at how impressed we were that the power wasn’t out. NOT SO FAST. The power was out at our house. Just not at the restaurant. (Too bad we couldn’t just stay at the restaurant all night. They serve a MIGHTY FINE margarita.)

Bed time story by lantern

Bedtime books were read by lantern. (That’s And Tango Makes Three, a VERY cute story.)

And we spent the evening waiting patiently for the power to come back on.

Obi waiting for power to come back on.

Even the cat.


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  1. Stay safe lady! I hear there are more storms headed your way tonight.

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