Everything looks different from under a dog butt.

Whew!!! We’ve been back from vacation (which was a very good time) for a week, and I’m just now starting to feel caught up.

The laundry’s been done, the lawn has been mowed, grocery shopping has been done…(for what it’s worth, I was only involved in the grocery shopping. My lovely partner does most of the house-keeping. Which is important because I am miserable at those sorts of chores. Miserable meaning I’ll get to them eventually, but there is no guarantee it will be in any sort of timely fashion. Okay, OKAY. I’m a slob. I admit it. I’m a mean dinner maker though, and I’ve proven reasonably capable at keeping a child alive with my boobs, so…I guess things balance out.)


I have LOTS OF THINGS to blog about. But not today.

Today I’m just going to give you some pictures of what happens when I’m laying on the couch and the dog gets spooked and decides to seek refuge in the corner of the couch WHERE MY HEAD IS.


Why, yes. This DOES seem like a perfect place to sit.


Thank Maude, help has arrived!

Actually, O was kind of upset that she was perched on my head. He came over and was yelling at her to “Get off.” Well, he can’t actually say, “Get off.” But he was yelling something at her, so I will imagine it was, “Get off my momma you big dog!”

Or something like that.


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5 responses to “Everything looks different from under a dog butt.

  1. Haha I love her tongue out in the top pick. And yay for boyslooking out for their mommas 🙂

  2. That’s too cute! I love it when the little ones get protective.

    Instead of admitting to my slobbish tendencies I’ll just say I have an amazing capacity to adapt and thrive in a challenging environment. 🙂 Well hello there minus you are now a positive.

  3. Oh, I am such a slob! And I’ve become perhaps unfairly reliant on my partner’s inability to tolerate mess. If I leave it, he cleans it! Plus cooks, fixes things, etc.

    • I like to think we balance each other….but sometimes…maybe I do a little less. OR! Maybe my contributions are less obvious. Yes! That’s it.

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