Cloth diapering on the road – will we do it?

THANK YOU to everyone who commented on yesterday’s post. While I understand that there isn’t really anything to worry about, I also like to hear people remind me of this. So, Woohoo! I’ve been reminded.


(There’s always a but.)

Today I’m annoyed, mulling, chewing on, thinking about, call it whatever you wish, about diapers. Yes, I know. Diapers.

We cloth diaper. We like cloth diapering for a variety of reasons, but the biggest reason, hands down? Is that without a big cloth-diaper butt, O’s pants fall off of him. He’s that skinny. It makes me feel bad to watch him walk around with his pants falling down when we use disposables.


How can you resist that cute little butt?!?

When we’ve traveled with him in the past, we’ve gone to see family and have had laundry at our disposal. Cloth diapering hasn’t been an issue. This time? Well, it seems we picked a hotel that doesn’t have laundry facilities on the premises.

Now, I’ve read about super hard-core cloth diapering folks washing dipes in hotel bathtubs each night, but I don’t think I want to spend my vacation swishing poopy diapers around in a tub that I will bathe my kid in. We use flushable liners to make poop clean up easier, but the liners aren’t magic and sometimes the poop gets on the diapers. I’m pretty loose about germs, but not being able to wash the tub out after makes even me go, “Ewwwwww.”

So the question becomes, do we care that much about his pants not falling down that we’re willing to either find a laundromat, or wash them in the tub at night?

I’ll bet the answer is no.

Anyone else cloth diaper on vacation? I’d love to hear your solutions if you do.


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7 responses to “Cloth diapering on the road – will we do it?

  1. We don’t cloth diaper on the road. I did once and it was a huge pain. The hotel laundry was dirty and by the time you threw in the extra rinsing and everything it ended up costing $5 a load. You could put a wool cover over a disposable to keep his pants up.

    • Will it be warm enough for shorts? Spencer has a pair of 9 months shorts he still fits in.

      • I thought about adding a cover to help keep his pants up. It won’t be warm enough for shorts I don’t think. We just bought him some 12mo shorts. They’re still big.

        Let’s face it – my kid is SKINNY. He’s still wearing 6-12 month pants. They almost fit in the waist, and he’s rocking the ever popular ‘floods’ look. Poor guy.

        I’m not *too* worried about the cost of the laundry – we’d only do it once. More the, “who wants to spend vacation in a laundromat” feeling.

        I wouldn’t even consider cloth for your road trip. I mean, I’m all for it – but I can’t imagine adding another layer of complexity to my life like that. Unless you’re planning to do clothes laundry….

  2. we haven’t done this yet either. It honestly seems like way too much work. I really should sort something out for the roadtrip tho…So i’ll be waiting to read your comment stream for solutions! THANKS T!

  3. Janine

    dude, get yourself some compostables (they’re a little bulkier), have him wear a cloth diaper cover over them for a little more bulk, and voila! no guilt about diapers or pants-falling-off-skinny-kid.
    AND you get to NOT deal with poop clean up for a couple of days.

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