Pretty recipe binder. And I’m using it!

My allergies are kicking my ass in the hugest way possible. I want to claw my eyes out, I’m constantly digging at my itchy skin, and I haven’t been able to breathe through my nose for 2 weeks. Also? I’m EXHAUSTED. One of the rarely discussed side effects of raging allergies is the constant desire for a nap. For real, ya’ll – I’m tired.

BUT in my efforts to get a little bit more organized this year I went wild and crazy a few days ago and organized my recipes. I know! Can you stand it? The excitement never stops over here.

My previous “system” – if you will – for keeping track of recipes involved a copy of The Joy Of Cooking and a rubber band. Yes, I employed the time tested system of ripping recipes out of magazines, or printing them off the internet, folding them in half, shoving them into the cookbook, and holding it all together with a rubber band. Actually, I’m lying. Using a rubber band would have been an improvement. I used the “please don’t fall out” method. (For the record, that method is a miserable failure. The recipes ALWAYS fell out.)


BUT, for Christmas last year I was given a lovely binder that, wait for it, is designed to hold recipes! The hell you say?! I know! Amazing what they think of these days.


Now, I know I could have used any binder (I actually have any binder, with nice little dividers set up, and those sheet protectors all tucked inside just waiting to have recipes lovingly tucked in and categorized. That seemed like too much work.) but this one has handy cooking references printed inside each of the covers.



It’s like they designed it to hold recipes!

So I gathered up all my recipes (the ones I could find anyway) and organized them per the dividers No thinking involved!


And now, instead of my recipes chasing me from the bookshelf to the kitchen each time I look for culinary inspiration, they’re all tucked nicely away in a pretty binder.


Ahem, in an effort at full disclosure, this binder has pockets in each of the dividers. It will take me approximately no time to stuff recipes into those pockets. The recipes will hopefully be stuffed into the “right” pocket, but I’m not making any promises. Though I might get a rubber band.

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