The War on Women

I’ve been angry a lot lately. And angry, and angry, and more angry. Oh, hey, did I mention angry?

Each of those links leads to a news story wherein a woman’s right to safe and legal choice is being diminished. There is an ALL OUT WAR on women’s reproductive freedom in the United States right now. It is happening in more states than I am comfortable counting, and it is being waged without the slightest bit of humility, understanding, or sympathy. IT IS REAL, and I find it unconscionable.

Women NEED reproductive freedom. It’s not a luxury. It’s not an afterthought. It is an ESSENTIAL part of healthcare, AND an essential component of freedom. It is not negotiable, and there is no room for compromise.

Without reproductive freedom (the ability to access and choose safe and reliable birth-control, and abortion) women become subjugates of lawmakers. Their political autonomy ceases to exist, as they have been defined as incubators.

Stay informed. Add Rh Reality Check to your news feed. Visit Keep Your Boehner Out of My Uterus daily (@scatx does a great job of collecting and disseminating information and links). Sign up for news and alerts at the Planned Parenthood Action Center, and at NARAL. Donate money. Donate time. Attend a rally. Write to your Representative. Contact your Senator. Write a Letter to the Editor. Post some information on your Facebook page. Blog about it. Don’t remain silent. SPEAK UP. Remain in the conversation. Decisions are made by those who show up. SHOW UP. VOTE.

This onslaught of anti-choice, and anti-woman legislation will not go away on its own. There is no compassion or understanding in this movement. IT MUST BE CHALLENGED.

Today, my challenge to you, dear readers, is to click one of the links in the above paragraph. Just one. Pick the best way for you to take action, and do it. Read some of the links from the first paragraph. Educate yourself. Understand what is happening. Even if you don’t live in one of the states with the most aggressive attacks, understand that they are still important, because, as women, as defenders of women’s freedom, an attack on one woman, is an attack on us all.


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9 responses to “The War on Women

  1. Keep you Boehner out of my uterus. OUTSTANDING. You make feminism proud. I ❤ you for posting this. You. Are. Awesome.

    Are there any other ways I can tell you that you rock?

    • Awwww….shucks. I appreciate it. I love @scatx’s Keep Your Boehner… It raises my blood pressure, while simultaneously making my pro-choice, feminist soul smile.

  2. Amazing. The links are all helpful. Now, if I can just get my friends to do even one. 🙂

    • Idaho, Georgia…there are so many I get anxiety keeping up with it all. But, as my dad used to remind me, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” And vigilant we shall be.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. O’ T, I do love you. Your posts on fbook have been keeping me updated about something that was always close to my heart when I lived in the States. It angers me to no end, and I am preparing myself to dig back in with gutso when we arrive back on soil.

    • I hope that there will be nothing left for you to do when you come back. That the asshats will dig their heads out of their butts and see the error of their ways. Sadly…I’ll send you some gloves, so at least your hands won’t get too dirty. :-/

  4. Pingback: “Abortion is not about babies…it’s a matter of survival for women.” | Life V 2.0

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