Weeds! And pansies! And spring! And little helping hands!

I love ceramic gardening pots. I’m always looks for new, vibrant, or unusual ones to add to me collection. (I guess it’s a collection…what makes something a collection?) Last weekend I found a new one at Marshall’s and this weekend figured I would take advantage of the lovely weather and plant some pansies. You know, daring Mother Nature to unleash a mid-Spring blizzard on us.

Pansies collage

Aren’t they pretty? Also, I realize the top right picture looks like I could be shilling for Miracle Grow, but alas, I’m not. However – if they want to give me dirt, I am super happy to take it off their hands.

After I was done making things pretty, I decided I should probably tackle the weeds that I think were plotting to consume the little yellow house we live in. The dirt was moist, the sun was out, it was a perfect day to kick some weed ass.

PLUS! We have a helper this year.

First he tried to help water the pansies.


Then he acted as an excellent weed sherpa.

weed sherpa

He was so serious about carrying them over to the wheelbarrow and putting them in. Weeds are SERIOUS BUSINESS.


And while we were pulling weeds, the cat was trying to climb through the window so we wouldn’t forget to feed him supervising.




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4 responses to “Weeds! And pansies! And spring! And little helping hands!

  1. babybabylemon

    Weed sherpa – so cute.

  2. Um, did you catnap my cat? That looks just like Junebug!

    These pictures are adorable. I’m impressed that he lets you hold a camera in your hands without snatching it!

    AND, isn’t this year’s gardening/yard work season so much easier with a full-fledged toddler? I didn’t get anything done last year, but things are definitely looking up this season.

    • YES! Gardening has been SO much easier with a toddler. He’s perfectly content to run around the yard while I get things done. I have high hopes for getting a garden in and maintained.

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