The water is rising

We got a pile of rain here in Central Virginia last week. I think the final count was somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 inches. However much it was it greened up the lawns, and popped up flowers, and put buds on trees.

And it flooded our basement.

Thursday evening around 4:30p.m. we noticed that one of the throw rugs we have under the dryer was wet. “Oh no, here it comes,” we thought. We pulled back a portion of our lovely wall-to-wall carpet to see how far the water had seeped in, and were excited to see that it was only a few feet. Maybe that would be it, and we wouldn’t have a fully flooded basement the way we did a short 13 months ago.

Cue the torrential downpour and the end of hope for a dry basement.

Hubs spent the evening valiantly battling the water with towels, and shop vacs, to no avail. There just weren’t enough fingers to put in the dyke, the water was coming in so quickly. I managed to convince him, around 8p.m., that the jig was up, and we’d just have to wait and see what it looked like in the morning.

Friday morning dawned, and I was all ready to whine, and moan, and complain about how we were going to spend the day ripping up our cozy carpet. Dragging sopping piles of carpet padding out into the driveway…essentially moving everything in the basement so we could get all the water up, and all the carpet out. Wahhh.

2011 flood

And then I heard about the earthquake in Japan. And I’ll tell you – NOTHING makes me put my problems in perspective faster than a natural disaster. Especially an earthquake. Yes, having an inch of water in the basement is a pain in the ass. But it’s a pain in the ass. We have a home, and everyone is safe, and healthy, and we get to go about our normal everyday lives, while millions of people are living in uncertainty.

I haven’t been able to watch any of the news footage. I can’t bring myself to stare at the pictures of the devastation and say, “Oh my God, can you believe this?” Because, yes I can believe it. And I’m overcome with a feeling of “there but for the grace of  God.”

My heart and my prayers are with Japan.


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2 responses to “The water is rising

  1. Janine

    oh, totally.
    I got sucked in on Friday watching CNN and I think I said “Oh my God” about 10 times in 90 seconds. So much for keeping that phrase out of Sadie’s head.
    The footage is jaw dropping.
    You say you can imagine it. I can’t. I mean, you and I both have the Loma Prieta quake under our belts, but the fact that that one pales in comparison to Japan’s only starts to put it into perspective for me.
    The Tsunami…well, that it just perplexes me entirely. I know what it’s like to get knocked down by a wave (scary, humbling) but a freaking wall of water going 400+ mph destroying everything in its path as it surges inland for miles?! That’s science fiction to me. It’s apocalyptic. Seismologists say the Japanese people had 10-15 minutes after the quake before the water hit shore – the suddenness, the ferocity, the utter chaos is just beyond the scope of what I can or want to imagine.
    My heart is with them, too.
    Okay, I think I need to write my own blog post about this.
    p.s. sorry about your basement. Seriously.

    • Yeah. My basement…so not even an issue. Pain in the ass, but not an issue. I still can’t watch the coverage. It’s so epically tragic…

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