This is what a feminist looks like



DSC00819 copy

Today is International Women’s Day and Feminist Coming Out day, go celebrate! Learn something, “come out”, write an activist letter, hug a feminist, donate time or money to a feminist cause, or just think about what it means to be feminist.

We’re everywhere…and we’re not going to go away.

Tell me what a feminist looks like to you…



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12 responses to “This is what a feminist looks like

  1. Joni

    I LOVE this. That’s exactly what feminism looks like to me. Whatever you want for you life. In my case (and yours it seems) it means… A happy healthy wife and mother. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is my virtual hug from one feminist to another. I wrap my legs around you in friendship. And also, I am totally getting bangs now. And maybe dying my hair pink.

    • Oh maude, don’t get bangs! They looked cute for about 2 days and then they became the bane of my existence. I’ve been growing them out since I stopped trimming them in August. Will be ever so excited when they tuck behind my ears.

      Although, I do think you would look cute with them.

    • As a fellow haver of BangsOfDoom, think carefully. But agreed you would look cute.

  3. Kelli

    THIS is what a feminist looks like!! Doing what you want and taking ownership of your life because you can.

  4. Hunnydu

    Love this. Love you.

  5. All my friends are adorable.

    I only hope I’m showing my girls what a strong, awesome feminist looks like.

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