Flashback Friday – 1989

A sometimes feature. When I remember. Or perhaps more accurately, when I have a massive case of blogger’s block.

me & damon 1989_2

Eighth grade “Graduation Dance.” We weren’t supposed to have dates, or hold hands, etc., but when this particular boy and I sat down to have our picture taken together, my English teacher threw us a bone and suggested he put his arm around me. He was my first crush. Started in 4th grade, and lasted until sometime in high school. He was also one of my closest friends.

I loved that dress and sweater. Probably could have done without the big hair on one side. Though, it’s not as bad as last week’s bonnet. The English teacher also stuck that flower on my sweater for the picture. I think it looks nice. I’m perplexed about how she got it to stay. I thought she had stuck it in the buttonhole, but I see that the buttonhole’s are on the other side. Magic, maybe.

What did your 1989 look like?


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4 responses to “Flashback Friday – 1989

  1. Joni

    Ok. A. You are one year younger than me you have now revealed. B. I would show you the picture of MY eighth grade graduation dance (taking humiliation to a whole new level) bur here’s something funny… because I knew my now husband then (since we were 11 you recall) if I bring that photo out he becomes a jealous beast. Because I went with a guy he hated. And he was jealous. 23 years ago. The end.

    I like that sweater. Also your hair is outstanding.

    • LOVE that you say that you “went” with a guy. I always feel like such a tweenager when I apply terminology that I used at that time in my life to a situation. “Went with,” “Going around,”…we were so goofy.

      It is also sort of funny that your husband is jealous 23 years later. Or sweet. Let’s go with sweet.

  2. I just want to know how you kept your hair at that level of awesome?
    It’s pretty awesome.

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