Tunnels and tents, oh my!

Kidlet’s Christmas gift from one of our very best friends arrived this weekend. (What? You don’t get Christmas gifts in February? Hey, it’s the thought that counts.)


I wasn’t sure if he would be excited or nervous about the tunnel, and I don’t know why I even bother thinking about these things because one thing my kid is NOT is nervous about new stuff to play with. (He’s not really interested in eating or sleeping, but playing? 24hours a day, TYVM.)

He barreled right into it, laughing with delight. So fast, in fact I was not fast enough to make adjustments to the camera.

tunnel collage

It was particularly funny to watch him rolling around on the floor of the tent. Something about being in the tent made rolling particularly special. We should all be so lucky, really.

rolling in tent collage

I love watching him have fun. It’s such simple entertainment for me. (Is that a mom/parent thing to say, or what?)

misc. tent collage

We don’t have room in our house to have the tent and the tunnel set up for him to play with whenever he wants, which I think will actually help to make it special when it does come out. And I think it will be a BIG hit this summer when we can take it outside.

I mean, how can you NOT SMILE when you see this?



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6 responses to “Tunnels and tents, oh my!

  1. Aw happy toddler makes me smile! We have a tunnel but not a tent, but all I have to do is show him the case the tunnel lives in and Evan starts jumping up and down and squealing. It’s a lifesaver on looooong rainy days.

    • Right now the tunnel is living smooshed down behind O’s chair – I think we’re going to have to put it somewhere less visible. We can’t walk by it without him reaching for it. LURVE the tunnel.

  2. Aww, we have a tunnel tent, though our tunnel is not as awesome as that one. We will be remedying that very soon because apparently tunnels are toddler crack…(I found that out at the park when I couldn’t pry Sophia out of the tunnel for 30 minutes).

    He looks like he is having a blast!

  3. That looks like so much fun. We have a tent but no tunnel. I’ve been torn between getting a tunnel and thinking we have way too much stuff.

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