Mah baby is leaky…

I’ve got a leaky toddler.

Well, I suppose, in an effort to be more accurate, I have a heavy night wetting toddler. There. Accuracy. Leaky toddler was cuter though.

We have a fancy organic mattress that I don’t want ruined. (Yep. It’s all about the expensive bed. I need that shit to LAST.) I could go buy a piddle pad of some sort, but then you all wouldn’t get to weigh in with advice and miracle solutions. I would be robbing you of your opportunity to do a good deed. I can’t do that to you.

So help me out.

We’ve tried a pocket diaper stuffed with a 4x8x4 prefold.

We’ve tried the pocket stuffed with a prefold AND a microfiber doubler, stuffed with 3 3-layer microfiber inserts, stuffed with a Knickernappies LoopyDo AND a SuperDo.

We tried a cute Nifty Nappy wool cover that Amy at Babybabylemon was awesome enough to let me try, over a microfiber insert. I think it might be more effective over a fitted, but I don’t have a fitted…

We’ve tried disposables. Suzanne at bebehblog suggested I try sizing up with the disposables which we had tried a while back and wound up with leaks from poor fit, though I’m willing to try it again. She also alerted me to disposable night diapers, which I might try, but have to order online if I want them in a quantity less than bulk.

Last night we tried the Knickernappies combo under a PUL cover, and didn’t have any leaks. Woot!

The thing about some of the options we’ve tried is that they make the diaper HUGE and I wonder if that’s contributing to the leaking, because the gussets aren’t tight around his legs anymore. I don’t have enough experience (nor do I have a local resource) to feel confident that if I drop $100 on some bamboo fitteds, that they’ll work.

So help me out – how do YOU keep your toddlers dry and your mattress fresh and clean overnight?



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16 responses to “Mah baby is leaky…

  1. I should have let go of my stain shame and sent you fitteds with the cover. He aren’t using them. I also had luck with a Fuzzy Bunns over a fitted before the pul fell apart on the pos FB. (I am aware I spelled it wrong. Their PR people are everywhere.)

    • I’m not a fan of my FBs. I can’t bring myself to get rid of them, but they’re the last resort diaper. I get crotch leaks with them almost every time.

  2. hughtube

    We use regular old Huggies overnights and cut back on liquids before bed. Good luck!

  3. scatx

    We also do Huggies overnight. Have for a while now and they work really, really well.

  4. i’ve read that there are inserts that absorb just like a chamois would. the fabric is called Zorb. i’ve even considered using a chamois or shamwow as an insert because it makes sense.
    good luck!

  5. Janine

    Yup – cut back on liquids before bed and get a potty. He can start trying to go at night before bed. It became Pavlovian for Sadie and I’m pretty sure we started in when she was leaking every night, too.

    • I want to get a potty that goes on the regular toilet because we really don’t have room in the house for a potty chair. Plus, I’m NOT looking forward to the day that the dog will discover the poop in the chair. (Fuck my dog is gross.) Anyway, local big-box baby store doesn’t carry them, and I’ve been lazy about ordering one. Off to spend money on the internet!

  6. babyinbrooklyn

    Yeah, we use the Huggies overnights (try for a small package of them) and have had pretty good success, though lately Ivy has not been such a heavy wetter at night, but she definitely went through a stage of leaking every night. Leaky Toddlers!!

  7. We use huggies at night also! Oz is a heavy wetter in the evening and cloth just leave him woken up to an irritated bum. We have yet to have a leak with a huggie at night.

  8. Surprisingly, the Seventh Generation diapers work well for Sadie overnight. We tried all kinds of tricks to keep her in cloth overnight, but to no avail. I’d say that maybe it’s because she’s not a heavy night wetter, but there are definitely some mornings that her diaper must weigh about 4 pounds.

  9. For Ella we use a pocket diaper (I think brand is probably irrelavent, but Happy Heinys are basically the only ones that fit her comfortably) stuffed with 2 3-layer microfiber inserts and a HH brand (but I’m sure others would work) 3-layer hemp insert, the Thirsties 5 layer hemp/jersey inserts also work well. She #1s and #2s as much as I do, so I can’t imagine she’s a light wetter. We also have a waterproof pad under her sheets and she sleeps in fleece pajama pants. Once she napped in just the fleece pants (without a diaper), had an accident in her sleep, yet the sheets and her were dry because the fleece had absorbed it all! (I still bathed her though)
    We have tried all sorts over disposables for her over night as well, even the big kid ones that hold an eight year old’s bladder worth, and those still leaked, all brands.
    Logan is a light wetter I guess, because a FB and 2 3-layer microfibers are fine for him.

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