Flashback Friday* – 1989

*A sometimes feature. When I remember.


Christmas Day, 1989.
Xmas 1998_3

My hair’s kind of cute, but what’s up with the pearls? They were a bridesmaid gift to my mother for a wedding she was in the year before, and I’m pretty sure I begged to wear them. Do you see the matching stud earrings? People, I’m NOT the type who can pull off pearls. Especially since that year was the “battle for black” year. I was wearing a lot of black clothing, which was objectionable to my parents. There was a lot of stomping and screaming that year. So the pearls are a little incongruous.


What was I listening to?

The Innocents. I’m pretty sure I wore my cassette tape out.


Those albums NEVER.GET.OLD.



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2 responses to “Flashback Friday* – 1989

  1. Janine

    You look like such a California girl! I love it.
    How do you remember this stuff?
    I was listening to Milli Vanilli.
    p.s. you can totally put off pearls! I just read in InStyle that you’re supposed to wear earrings OR a necklace – not both. Who knew?

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