Wednesday with words – updates

Me Update:

A couple weeks ago I blogged some personal projects for 2011. I decided to tackle them in reverse order and signed up for a photography class. YAY ME! It was supposed to start tonight, but has been postponed because of the inclement weather.

Ya’ll, it’s raining. Now, I understand that it’s only afternoon here, but the predictions are calling for accumulation of 3 inches, and the campus is CLOSED ALREADY. Hello? 3 inches? I’d also like to say that the weather predictions for my area are often, how shall I say it? TOTALLY FUCKING WRONG.

I guess that means the 3 predicted inches could turn into 3 feet. But if I was a betting woman, which I’m not, I’d say its more likely to be not measurable. I’m also willing to concede that I might just be cranky because I was looking forward to this class. Oh well.


Kid Update:

Whew. I guess unloading all my kid stress last week helped, because I’ve felt much better lately. And also, his poops have gotten better. Like, almost normal better. We cut out whole milk, and yogurt, but kept cheese. I’m thinking about adding yogurt back in a week or so, just to see. Plus, PLUS, he’s been sleeping. It’s like a miracle. I’m not even sure who this kid is. He looks a lot like my son…

I kind of wonder if his milk sensitivity, or whatever it is (or maybe not milk related at all, but that’s what I’m grabbing right now), has also been partially (or fully) responsible for his poor sleeping? Kidlet’s problem wasn’t getting to sleep as much as it was staying asleep. Until about a week ago he’d slept more than 4 consecutive hours maybe 4 times since he was born. The last two nights? He’s slept from 7:30pm to 5am, and 8:00pm to 4am. I’ll be damned if my mother didn’t tell me to cut milk out of my diet a year ago to see if milk was contributing to this.


Cute kid:

Yesterday we had a break in the weather temperatures – it got up to 50˚F, so we played a bit outside before dinner.

Sharing the ball with Lucy.

Getting ready to throw the ball for Lucy. (Please note that we never did a last raking before winter. Yep. We’re “those” neighbors.)


This kid loves brooms.

Yelling is fun, too.



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11 responses to “Wednesday with words – updates

  1. Glad to hear O’s tummy/sleep troubles are improving! And, god damn, is he ever cute. I love the broom pic.

  2. SO glad to hear he is sleeping. I saw the teeny tips of both eye teeth this morning, so I hope we improve soon. I love the last picture. Such a cutie.

    • I’m sending the sleep fairy to you. And you can send me the teething fairy, because I’m sure this will be short lived. O’s due for those eye teeth…

    • babyinbrooklyn

      For ab out a week Ivy was being super cranky & I couldn’t figure it out till I saw those damn eye teeth popping out on the bottom.

  3. Do you get tired of hearing how adorable he is? If so, I’m sorry, but damn he is so freakin’ adorable! I’m going to touch wood that the improvements keep on coming and I know you are loving the sleep! :o)

    • No, I NEVER get tired of hearing how cute he is. It’s what’s kept me going through the sleep deprivation. Your O is pretty damn cute, too. 🙂

  4. YAY for sleeping & pooping! So glad you are getting some relief on those fronts.

    Boo-Hiss about the photog class being canceled. I took two through our local adult school & loved them. Have fun when you are actually able to start the class.

    • This is a non-credit class at the local community college. Hopefully we’ll have class next week. Assuming there’s no more snow, or some other minor “weather event.”

  5. babyinbrooklyn

    Aw, I’m glad to hear he’s sleeping better and his health seems better! Also, I love the dog and kiddo pics. Labs + toddlers = heart melt

  6. Kim

    woo hooo for sleeping, pooping, and class! Boo for crappy weather closure. Your pics are so sweet, I can’t wait to see some after a class! And hey, we’re probably only like a year away from being able to hand our kids a rake, right? He likes brooms!

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