Flashback Friday* – 1993

*A sometimes feature. When I remember.

Me, senior portrait. Taken July 1992.
senior portrait

One of the songs that I listened to for the next year. A lot. It never goes out of style.

What were you doing in 1993?



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5 responses to “Flashback Friday* – 1993

  1. Janine

    aw…look at you! so cute. I remember it well. 🙂
    What was I doing in 1993? trying (too hard) to be cool/popular and hang out with you and the others in “the group”…
    I LOVE that song – hadn’t heard it in forever. Thanks.
    Happy Friday.

  2. EEK! I though we were musical twinsies. And then you had to do an invoke the Sproket. Not. A. Fan. 🙂

  3. Classic bangs. I think you & my cousin could be twins with those bangs. Me? I did the roll down w/ the curling iron.

  4. In 1993 I was being 11. But I had pretty much the same haircut. And my senior picture taken 7 years later looks almost EXACTLY the same, except I have fake pearls instead of a gold necklace.

  5. micaela

    you’re all so young…

    1993 was a huge year for me: I moved from PR to CA with my 2yo son to get away from an abusive partner. After experiencing my first breast cancer scare.

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