Horrible, no good, very bad day.

Apparently I used up all my good mood Tuesday, because Wednesday was spent in a puppy-kicking mood.


O has been sick for about 8 weeks now. (Which I’ve written about hereherehere, and here. Old news, I know.) Not the same cold, just one thing after another. It started with a runny nose, then some diarrhea, then a fever. Ear infections were diagnosed and antibiotics given. Antibiotics round 1 didn’t work, on to round 2. Then a night of persisting vomiting lands us in the ER at 3a.m., then one week of NO SICKNESS, then another round of vomiting, and then 3 nights with the croup, and now we’re back to the snots. It’s come full circle. We’ve been to the doctor (or hospital) 5 times since it all started.


So none of this, taken by itself, would have me stressed out (well, I can’t say that with complete authority, but illness is a part of life – especially since he goes to a regular daycare, but also a drop-in daycare at the gym – I’m okay with colds.) but the back-to-back relentless nature of them is making it harder for me to get some perspective.


And here’s the part that combined with the above is nagging at me – he hasn’t gained more than a few ounces of weight since early October. That’s 3 months.


Last week when we were at the doctor’s office I talked to him about the possibility of there being “something else” going on. Doc said that he had also wondered about it, and had done some reading, and reviewing of O’s chart. Had double checked his metabolic screen from birth, and had decided that it’s really nothing more than the short end of the stick for this cold and flu season. At some visit (I can’t remember which one any more) the doctor suggested that the chronic runny (and so, SO foul and disgusting smelling) might be a dairy sensitivity.


So, we’ve taken him off cow’s milk, and cheese, and yogurt, and added lots of probiotics, and Vitamin D, and his poop has seemed a little bit better. Tuesday morning he had some (4oz?) goat’s milk, and yesterday had 3 retch-inducing, wardrobe-change necessitating diapers.


Okay, so no goat’s milk for a while now. And I’ll try really damn hard to find other sources of fat for him (we drown all of his fruits and veggies and grains in olive oil, or coconut oil – but his appetite is off more than on lately, so…who knows how much he’s actually getting). And I’m also thinking that maybe I should try to eliminate gluten. And then I think, “well maybe he needs to be checked for anemia, or an IGA deficiency, or any of the other dozen things that it could be.” And maybe (hopefully) it will be as simple as a food sensitivity or allergy.


But what did me in, entirely, was putting him in a disposable diaper (so I could slather his butt in diaper cream, because he has an irritated butt from all this pooping) and seeing his pants fall off. Not sag, not droop, but fall off.


I cried all morning because…well, because apparently I was having that kind of day, but also because I’m worried there is something bigger going on. 3 months is a long time to not gain any weight in. And I know his appetite is hit or miss, but…he’s 16 months and the 9mo pants I put him in don’t stay up without a cloth diaper.


I really don’t know…and it was that kind of day.


I think I’ll move to Australia.




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12 responses to “Horrible, no good, very bad day.

  1. I don’t know what to say. ((Hugs)) Hang in there. You’ll figure the dietary stuff out. Does he like avocados? Those have lots of good fats.

    • Avocados were his first food and he couldn’t shovel them in fast enough. Now? Ptoooey, no thank you! I’m starting to wonder if he’s really my child. I would eat one a day if they weren’t so damn expensive out here.

  2. I ❤ you for the "I think I'll move to Australia" line.

    I'm so sorry about the illnesses and the dietary restrictions. It's got to be so hard trying to put food into a tiny person who has problems with most of it. Does your grocery store have a nice long aisle of gluten-free/organic/alternative food you can try? Because I will send you boxes of rice pasta if you need it.

    • One of my favorite books ever. EVAR.

      We’re plowing our way down the hippie aisle at the grocery store, and moving on to the uber-hippie stuff at Whole Foods.

  3. babyinbrooklyn

    Aw, I’m so sorry to hear things have been so rough. Hang in there mama! I can imagine the back to back illness taking it’s toll, and then the weight gain thing on top of it. Is he into adventurous flavors? Maybe he’d accept avocado in guacamole form? If it makes you feel any better, Ivy has not gained much weight lately either. In fact – she lost a few ounces between two appointments and the Dr. didn’t worry about it (I asked if I should be worrying) and he said kids start to slow down after their first birthday. Feel free to chat/DM me if you need a virtual venting session 🙂

    • You know, when I get obsessed like this, I can’t think any way but linearly (is that a word? Spell check isn’t flagging it…) so it NEVER occurred to me to give him guac. So simple. I have no idea if he’ll eat it, but I’ll try it. 🙂

  4. Kim

    So sorry to read about your bad day! My mom battled similar issues with my little sister, and she eventually found it was a growth hormone deficiency. Injections of HGH got her back up onto the growth chart. I hope you find the answer in that hippie aisle!

    • Interesting…this is why I think I’m going to press for a more thorough “work-up” at his next appointment. Unless he makes some sort of 180 turn around.

  5. Jay

    A day late to this but wanted to add my good thoughts…so hard.

  6. micaela

    I went through something similar with my oldest at that age. We spent months where all he could eat was basically poached potatoes & chicken (I’d cook them together so the taters could get some flavor), soda crackers, and the occasional yogurt. Any deviation from this diet and he would have the runniest, angriest diarrhea in the world. His Ped and I never figured out causation, and I decided that as long as I was keeping him alive and as diaper-rash-free as possible, all other bets were off. Eventually, he was able to eat anything and everything (and he did, he would’ve eaten rocks if I’d let him), he spent many years looking like a starving 3rd world child until puberty, and then he was a record-breaking runner in High School with a muscular body that made this mamma want to keep him covered up. So take a deep breath and hang in there. This too shall pass.

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